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The Act Rank: Overview and explanation

The Act Rank: Overview and explanation

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The launch of Valorant in early June brought about the game’s first Act along with the game’s first battlepass. The Act, however, did not mean much for the community or the competitive side of things except some nice skins and the battlepass, which to this day remains controversial. However, Valorant will now be getting an Act Rank system.

An official post by Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding, the Senior Producer of Valorant, has unveiled the highly anticipated Act Ranks. This rank will be a separate rank from your standard MMR rank that everyone has been grinding in Ignition: Act I.

Act Ranks explained

The Act rank will be a completely separate rank which will evolve over time as you play rated (ranked) Valorant matches. This tracks something called “proven skill” which displays your 9th best ranked win of the Act. In fact, your Act Rank will be a triangle filled with wins on whichever rank you were at at the time when entering a match.

Also, if you’ve only been stuck at Gold, but you rank up to Platinum and get wins there, the Platinum wins will knock down those wins on Gold, making your Act Rank just a little more prestigious to show off. Of course, this is given that the triangle was filled up. If not, those new wins will pile up until it becomes full, pushing down wins on lower ranks.

Additionally, the Act Rank is meant to show off your peak performance. Therefore, if you derank heavily, wins on ranks that you were not on beforehand will not be displayed if your triangle is full of wins on higher ranks.

The Act Rank triangle for Act II. Photo Credit: Valorant official.

The Act Rank Badge

This all leads to you receiving an Act Rank Badge at the very end of the season. The badge will then be displayed to friends inspecting you, as well as when entering a match on your card.

The badge represents the culmination of your efforts in the season. The top nine ranked wins will transform into the appropriate Act Rank Badge. So, if you won 9 matches on Platinum, you’ll get a Platinum badge, and so on. From what we understand, it’s enough to win nine matches on Radiant rank, to get Radiant Act Rank at the end. However, playing more rated matches also improves your rank border, which becomes more pleasant as it increases in levels.

Act Rank Badge. Photo Credit: Valorant official

This hard-earned rank will forever be displayed on your profile. Basically, what Riot are saying is make it count, as your performance in each season will be reflect in your Act Rank.

For the full list of things coming to Valorant with Act II, check out Valoran’t official page.

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