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Team Heretics reveal al0rante as the final member of Valorant roster

Team Heretics reveal al0rante as the final member of  Valorant roster

Jalen Lopez


Team Heretics has finally solidified their starting roster with former volvo peek player Felix “al0rante” Brandi. The new roster will hopefully be enough for the team to return to its former glory. 

Stage Two of the Valorant Champions Tour was disappointing for Team Heretics. They started strong in the professional scene by winning First Strike: Europe. The team also made it into the grand finals of the VCT Masters One tournament but lost 2-3 against Acend. Team Heretics could not recreate their early success in Stage Two, however. 

The fall of Team Heretics

The team failed to qualify for the Stage Two Challengers Playoffs and didn’t even make it into the Challengers Two main event. The Challengers Playoffs was their only chance at making it into the first international Valorant LAN, Masters 2 Reykjavik. They were forced to watch as Fnatic and Team Liquid represented their region. 

Team Heretics made significant roster changes after Masters 2 Reykjavik that left Christian “lowel” Garcia Antoran as the only player remaining on the team. They eventually signed former G2 players Ardis “ardiis” Swarenikeks and Patryk “paTiTek” Fabrowski, and signed Ondrek “MONSTERRRR” Petru the day before. 

The team also picked up former FunPlus Phoenix coach Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov, who is working alongside Heretics coach Noel Garberi. This left the Team Heretics with one final spot on the final roster, which al0rante is finally filling. 

Al0rante has made a name for himself on smaller Valorant teams and most notably competed with the volvo peek roster. He has less experience against the top teams in the region than other players on Team Heretics but is still a valuable addition to the team. 

Team Heretics has another chance to make it back to the top of the European region in VCT Stage Three. If they can recreate their early success, they can secure one of the four EMEA spots at Masters 3 Berlin. 

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