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Take the Throne 7 – HypHypHyp take the win

Take the Throne 7 – HypHypHyp take the win

Richard Brown


Take the Throne 7 concluded with HypHypHyp being able to retain their position on the throne, after a 2:0 victory over Team Turkey in the grand-finals.

The event took place on June 22nd and featured a winner-take-all prize pool of €2,000 ($2,242). The format of Take the Throne events involves invited teams facing off against each other, with the winning team earning the opportunity to take on the previous event’s winner in the grand-finals. If they are able to win the event, they take the throne! The match that takes place between the two invited teams is in a best-of-one (BO1) format, with the grand-finals being a best-of-three (BO3).

The teams that were invited for the seventh iteration of this event were TwitchRivals winners – Worst Players, as well as Team Turkey.

Worst Players features a CIS roster and is listed below:

  • arch
  • chiwawa
  • pipsoN
  • dimasick
  • Duno

Team Turkey, as you would expect, features a full Turkish roster, listed below:

  • berkriptepe
  • m1tez
  • pAura
  • qRaxs
  • turko
  • Mavera (C)

The match took place on Haven, and managed to go the distance. Team Turkey were able to secure the victory in overtime, winning the match 13:12. Moreover, this result came off the back of a great performance by m1tez, who was able to achieve a score of 26/16/8 and help his team to victory.

Take the Throne 7 – Grand Finals

Team HypHypHyp roster listed below:

  • Hyp
  • LaAw
  • CREA
  • Fearoth
  • PetitSkel
  • Menegh (C)

Led by former Overwatch Pro player for ParisEternal, Hyp, the French team HypHypHyp proved too much for Team Turkey in the grand-finals. The first map took place on Ascent, where Team Turkey was able to put up some resistance, resulting in a score-line of 13:8 in favor of HypHypHyp. The second map Bind, however, saw HypHypHyp completely outclass their opponent, and win the match 13:4.

Previous Winners of Take the Throne

  1. Prodigy
  2. Prodigy
  3. fish123
  4. fish123
  5. fish123
  6. HypHypHyp

These events have been taking place every week since May 4th, with the next event set to take place on June 29th. The teams that will be fighting for the opportunity to dethrone HypHypHyp, have not yet been announced.

We had the opportunity to speak to CREA about his recent victory in the G2 Invitational, more on that can be found here.