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T1 Valorant Coach fRoD Leaves the Organization

T1 Valorant Coach fRoD Leaves the Organization

Phillip Miner


Daniel “fRoD” Montaner, best known these days as the coach for the Valorant team fielded by esports organization T1, has left the org. He announced his departure from T1 last night via Twitter:

A Concerning Departure

fRoD started as T1’s Valorant coach last May. He has plenty of experience with other esports titles as well, such as CSGO (where he started and has played for 15 years) and Overwatch. During his CSGO days, he was best known playing for Complexity Gaming and Evil Geniuses. On T1’s Valorant team, fRoD saw them compete in numerous top tier tournaments in the Valorant competitive scene, including First Strike. fRoD led the T1 Valorant team to numerous Top 8 finishes. While T1’s Valorant team rarely broke that Top 8 placement barrier (they placed Top 4 in the First Strike North America UMG Tournament), they never finished below Top 8 under fRoD‘s leadership.

What’s concerning about his departure is the wording of his tweet. In his tweet he mentioned a “difference of ethics and opinions on how to run the org.” We’re guessing the parting of ways between fRoD and T1 was not amicable, considering how T1 hasn’t thanked or even formally announced fRoD‘s departure over any social media channels, or even their official website as of the time of this article’s posting. We currently have no idea what fRoD means by “difference of ethics or opinions,” or what exactly prompted him to leave T1. However, we have reached out to him for comment on this matter. As of the time of this article’s posting, he has not responded.

We here at Run it Back will keep an eye on this story as it develops. In the meantime, keep your browser pointed here for everything else you need in the world of Valorant, from guides to competitive news and beyond!