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T1 sign the Raze Master Flights as Valorant Content Creator

T1 sign the Raze Master Flights as Valorant Content Creator

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Esports organization T1 has officially signed the Raze master, Flights, as Content Creator. Flights and T1 follow in the footsteps of AverageJonas, who has made a deal with Team Liquid on joining them as a Content Creator just a few weeks back.

Flights’ Raze Plays Have Paid off

Known for his masterclass Raze outplays, the Brit has become famous for advanced Raze mid-air movements with the use of her satchel charges, as well as adding in the Ultimate Showstopper. Valorant Raze players now are well aware of the possibilities of pulling off crazy satchel movements with the right amount of practice. At the beginning of Valorant, however, this was not immediately obvious as Raze was released. Flights released several videos showcasing how you can utilize the satchels for boosting in mid-air. His instructional videos, alongside his aggressive Raze plays compilation have garnered hundreds of thousands of views across the board.

Flights has also competed in some community and charity tournaments with other notable Valorant streamers. Those tournaments include the Logitech G Invitational and BLAST Spike Nations. Flights and co. reached the final of the latter tournament under the Team UK banner.

Valorant Streamers Get Attention from Orgs

Flights joins AverageJonas on the list of big Valorant streamers that have gotten signed by an organization. G2’s Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski is another streamer that has been on the Valorant hype since beta, but he has been affiliated with G2 for a while now. Surely, these signings are just the beginning as organizations start to see value of Valorant streamers. 2020 has proved that Riot Games is serious with Valorant and that entails more talents interested in streaming and playing the game, and so, more overall exposure on streaming services such as Twitch.

You can check out Flights representing his org., T1 on his Twitch channel.

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