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SUMN FC Sweep Oxygen Esports to Triumph at epic31

SUMN FC Sweep Oxygen Esports to Triumph at epic31

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The British-based epic31 European Valorant event has come to a close. After two days of intense Valorant action, SUMN FC has come out on top in the grand finale. After an upper and lower bracket with a best-of-three format throughout, the event tested the nerves of all the teams. Out of the 24 squads, SUMN FC and Oxygen Esports displayed the most tenacity to get to the final of epic31.

SUMN FC breezed through to the finale of the event, only dropping one map against “Vandal only” in the Upper Bracket Round 2. Oxygen Esports had a rather similarly easy way to the final too, until they met SUMN FC in the Upper Bracket Final. SUMN sent their opponents to the Lower Bracket, requiring them to overcome Purple Cobras. After a hectic second map that went to a 17-15 overtime, Oxygen entered the final to once more face SUMN FC.

Final: SUMN FC vs Oxygen Esports

Due to SUMN FC entering from the Upper Bracket, they received a one-map advantage in the best-of-five (BO5) encounter.


The BO5 grand final kicked off on Haven, where a ridiculously close match emerged. A blow-for-blow match unfolded, as the half finished with a split in points, 6:6. Moving forwards, not much has changed, as despite Oxygen picking up the pistol with the following round, SUMN would retaliate with three of their own. Finally, an exchange of rounds ceased, after an expert defuse clutch from Mistic sealed the deal at 13:11 for SUMN FC. This has put up the predominantly British team up 2:0 in the series.


Ascent eventually came much closer for SUMN FC than they would have liked. On their defensive side on Ascent, SUMN got a hefty lead at 8:4. This was quickly followed with three rounds on attack, putting Boaster and co. up at 11:4. Just two rounds away, Oxygen finally woke up to make magic happen. They got within reach at 11:8, before SUMN made it 12:8, needing just one point to close out the final. Oxygen fought to the very end, bringing it to a very close 12:10. It was at that point that Boaster’s side raided the B site and managed to clutch it out at 13:10.

  • Default: SUMN 1:0 Oxygen
  • Haven: SUMN 13:11 Oxygen
  • Ascent: SUMN 13:10 Oxygen

SUMN FC have triumphed at the epic31 Valorant tourney by sweeping Oxygen 3:0 in the BO5 matchup. The winners go home with a nice cash prize of £1,800.

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