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Solo joins DAMWON Kia as head coach

Solo joins DAMWON Kia as head coach

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On December 20, 2021, Korean organization DAMWON Kia announced the signing of former NUTURN captain Kang “solo” Keun-chul. He will be working with the organization’s VALORANT squad as their head coach. Here is the English translation provided by DK in the post itself.

DWG KIA announces the Asian Monster Kang “solo” Keun-chul has joined DWG KIA Valorant team as a Head Coach. Please give big support and interest to our new Head Coach solo, who will lead DWG KIA Valorant team to victory with his knowledge and experience.

– DWG Kia Esports Facebook Page

Short Competitive History

In the past, solo was a competitive CSGO player from Korea who played in several famous rosters during the 1.6 era. More recently, he transitioned to VALORANT and competed in VCT KR under the banner of NUTURN for the past year. With the team, he claimed 2nd place in Masters 1, 1st in Stage 2 Challengers and 3rd in Masters Reykjavik. After which, the team petered off. They were unable to replicate their success in the first part of the year and fell in Stage 3, forcing them to miss out on Masters Berlin. The team then competed in the APAC LCQ where they failed to earn the last slot to Champions.

Current Roster

DAMWON Kia’s current VALORANT roster consists of:

No significant changes have been made besides the signing of solo as the team’s head coach.

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