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SoaR temporarily exit from the VALORANT pro scene

SoaR temporarily exit from the VALORANT pro scene

Sinan Koyuncu


The franchising system that will become active in the VALORANT professional scene in 2023 has already started to show its negative side. SoaR, an esports organization based in North America, announced in a video that they are temporarily leaving the VALORANT scene. Crude, one of the founders of the organization, talked about the reason for this decision and the org’s future plans in the video below.

SoaR’s former roster:

  • Lucas “fiziq” Blow
  • Brady “thief” Dever
  • Victor “v1c” Truong
  • Ashley “Trill” Powell
  • Ngawang “epathy” Chonjor
  • Benjamin “trainer” Bravo (Coach)

“Although, with becoming a legitimate business, we have to constantly evaluate the money that goes in and out the company every single day to ensure that we are in the right position to stay stable in this current economic environment. And unfortunately, with that being said, we have come to the difficult decision to temporarily exit the VALORANT professional scene. We’ve really wanted to sacrifice it all to keep this program moving forward, but at the end of the day, because of what’s happening when it comes to the franchising side and the tier 2 space, we thought this will be the best temporary move.” crude said in the video.

SoaR made a debut on the VALORANT stage in April 2021. Spending their early days in third-party tournaments such as NSG and Knights Monthly, the organization prepared for VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Stage 3 with little success it got in these events. However, they failed to qualify for both of the Stage 3 Open Qualifiers and ended the year without a spot in any main events of VCT 2021.

The story of VCT 2022 was no different for SoaR. Despite entering the VCT 2022 qualifiers with a fresh roster, the organization failed to qualify for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 open qualifiers. They were recently competing in the NSG Summer Championship and MCT – MEL VALORANT Premiership.

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