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Should Valorant have an Anonymous Mode setting for streamers?

Should Valorant have an Anonymous Mode setting for streamers?

Joey Carr


Valorant has been a smash hit for both the casual and competitive scenes alike. Anyone can hop on, have a great time, and get lost in the addictiveness of the FPS’ gameplay. However, one group that might be left out of this enjoyment is streamers and famous personalities. While Valorant is extremely popular on most streaming platforms, this has led to some frustrations from notable broadcasters. These frustrations stem from stream-sniping and griefing, neither of which really has an answer right now in Valorant. Is this something Riot Games needs to address?

Anonymous Mode in Valorant

In short, many high-profile streamers and personalities are pleading with Riot Games to add an Anonymous Mode. Essentially, this is a setting that hides people’s usernames in-game but can be turned on or off. Other big games, like Fortnite, already have a setting like this, primarily for streamers.

A setting like this helps out people who have a well-known username. For example, if Spencer “Hiko” Martin, one of the most known Valorant streamers on Twitch, is playing, anyone in the game can see his username. This leads to the enemies going to Hiko’s stream and being able to see his movements, utility, etc. This problem was exemplified perfectly by a recent Twitter feud between YouTuber RyanHiga and one of his viewers.

While most streamers do put a delay on their broadcast, that still doesn’t solve the problem. However, an Anonymous Mode would certainly halt the issue. This would make it nearly impossible for someone to know they’re playing with or against a notable personality.

In the past, Riot Games developers have stated they’re working on a setting like this. However, we haven’t heard much in a month or so, which is concerning to people in the community who are having these problems.

So, while it seems like something is in the works, Riot Games hasn’t given an update as to when it could go live. Hopefully, the next few updates will contain something like an Anonymous Mode so tensions can start to taper off.

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