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Sentinels sign ElevenZ as sixth player

Sentinels sign ElevenZ as sixth player

Gabriel Ionica


In a surprising turn of events, Sentinels announced that they signed a sixth player to their roster, Dyson “ElevenZ” Vandal.

What’s interesting about this announcement is that ElevenZ has a lot in common with Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. First of all, eleven is a number higher than ten I think. Second, he looks a lot like TenZ but with a fabulous mustache that I wish I could pull off. Lastly, Dyson is very close to Tyson. Sentinels acquired TenZ on loan from Cloud9 Blue back in March. This guy must be his brother or something.

We don’t have any concrete (or gravel) details about ElevenZ‘s past. His Twitter bio mentions that he is cracked at any game he touches so chances are he’s an ex-Bloons TD6 pro. His position is also unspecified in the announcement tweet, but he calls himself the “Valorant Deathmatch God for Sentinels”. He must be a young prospect with a bright future.

What’s especially crazy about this is how ElevenZ was signed to Sentinels’s roster. According to his own tweet, he simply asked them in a DM if he could join! That’s insane. They must have seen something in him that we haven’t.

We were hoping to see ElevenZ star in the team’s VCT Challengers match tonight but Sentinels broke the news to him that he is benched tonight. Clearly, they don’t respect this guy’s grind.

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Oh yeah, happy April Fools’ Day too!