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Sage Wall Boost Map Guide: Split

Sage Wall Boost Map Guide: Split

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Sage is one of the most powerful Agents in all of Valorant. From healing and resurrecting teammates, to slowing down the enemy and placing a sturdy wall to stop foes from advancing, her abilities are a must-have on any team. Her barrier orb, however, is not just for blocking off entrances to sites. It can be used to get that extra boost over an obstacle to line up the perfect shot or raise you up to surprise your opponents from above as they approach the wall.

The map Split does not have the same abundance of boosting locations like the other maps do, but that does not mean they aren’t just as effective.

Attacker: A-Site Barrier

This one is pretty straightforward. There’s a small square ledge above a planter as you approach the Crown Coffee shop and the barrier. Players are able to jump onto the planter and then up onto the square ledge. Once on the ledge, place the wall underneath your feet to be boosted. You will be able to see when a player approaches the Heaven ledge through the doorway and take them out in the most satisfying way.

Attacker: Mid

This wall boost takes place in the middle of the map. Early in the round as an attacker is most likely the only time this one will come into play. A stack of boxes blocks off the entrance to Sewers from the view of the usual defensive positions. Placing a wall and lifting yourself up will give you plenty of sight over the boxes. This allows the player to see inside of Ropes and the entrance to Heaven stairs. From there, a pick will surely come from a player poking out of the Heaven entrance or setting up in the middle of the door to Ropes to try and eliminate anyone running through mid.

Attacker and Defender: A-Site

This next one is an easy boost to obtain, but should only be used when you have a teammate or two that is able to watch the sides. The transit system screen in the middle of A-Site is the perfect cover if the enemy does not know you’re there. Shooting through it to catch an off guard spike defender most often times pays off, however. Instead of hoping for the best behind it, you can place a wall and hold down the entrance from Heaven with no problem. And as long as your wall is there, you are able to avoid the bullets piercing the transit screen if you need to drop back down. This can be pulled off as a basic defense of the site or protecting a planted spike.

Defender: B-Site

This boost works best as a defender, with the left side being vulnerable to anyone coming in from Heaven if you’re protecting a planted spike, especially alone. The small structure on B-Site, which can be referred to as “newsstand”, is very similar to the transit screen on A-Site. It is easy to hide behind, but also easy to light up with bullets to clear the space out. Placing a wall behind it will give you or a teammate a wider angle to view the inside of Garage as the attackers approach and offer protection from any bullets enemies may send through the newsstand.

Needless to say, these types of boosts from Sage’s barrier wall are one hundred percent up to circumstance. As a disclaimer, don’t just waste your wall in one of these spots if your team needs it to block a choke point. Use your wall strategically and if one of these situations arises, you’re sure to catch your opponents slipping and make things easier for the rest of your team during that round.

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