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RunItBack’s Valorant Awards: Masters North America

RunItBack’s Valorant Awards: Masters North America

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


The first ever Valorant Masters tournaments have completed across the globe. In North America, an intense bracket saw a finale between Sentinels and FaZe Clan. Sentinels swept FaZe, proving that their red hot streak against the other teams in the event did not bother SEN one bit. Much like with First Strike for both North America and Europe, this massive Valorant competition deserves some awards. Masters Awards Europe is available for viewing. For those interested in North America, read ahead to see the Valorant Awards: Masters North America categories and find out who snagged the coveted Most Valuable Player Award.

*Note: All stats and subsequent awards were determined using the RunItBack analytical platform.*

Valorant Awards: Masters North America

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger Award goes to the player who slung the guns. It is for the most pistol/sidearm kills in VCT NA Stage 1 Masters. The pistol rounds and being able to take out the opponent with a sidearm in eco rounds are crucial. Shawn “Shawn” O’Riley gathered the most with 37 across the entire event. That is over 12 matches (maps) with a 3.08 sidearm kills per match average. No wonder Gen.G was able to go on a tear through the Lower Bracket.

The Rifler

Another reason Gen.G Esports ran through the Lower Bracket, all the way to its final, is Anthony “gMd” Guimond. Throughout the NA Masters, gMd was on point with the Rifle category of weapons. The Rifler Award is his. He had the most rifle kills in the tournament. Over 12 matches, 142 kills averaged out to 11.83 rifle kills per match. gMd and Gen.G are only going to get better.

The Headhunter

Luminosity Gaming played eight total matches (maps). Their first two games in the North America Masters tournament went to a third map. The final two came against Team Envy, signaling their exit from the event. Alex “aproto” Protopapas’ aim was unmatched throughout. His bullets landed on a head 38.54% of the time. Note that this is any shot to the head, not just headshot kills. Is it aproto or the crosshair? Probably a bit of both.

The Helping Hand

Incredibly, the most assists throughout this first NA Masters event is a tie. Austin “crashies” Roberts and Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo both had 76 total assists in the tournament. Some could say crashies was more impactful, due to achieving the number in less matches. Others could argue that ZachaREEE and his assists were more vital, looking at the placement of FaZe Clan. Regardless, both players did a hell of a job chipping away at opponents and setting their teammates up for the finish. The Helping Hand Award shall be shared!

The Runner Up

It would be an absolutely travesty to not include Andrej “babybay” Francisty here in some fashion. Thus, we present The Runner Up Award. If the Grand Final between FaZe Clan and Sentinels went any different, The Runner Up and the MVP would have certainly swapped places. Babybay had an ACS at 274.9, the most kills at 207, 32 kills with the Blade Storm Ultimate, 58 rounds with two or more kills, and a wild 43 first blood kills.

Most Valuable Player

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo was an absolute menace in his return to competitive Valorant. It should come as no surprise that he is the Most Valuable Player of VCT NA Stage 1 Masters. He had a team high 283.7 ACS across 10 matches (maps), with 20.10 kills per match. He and babybay tie with 43 first blood kills. TenZ also had the most multi-kill rounds in the tournament with an insane 61. 41 of those saw him take out two members of the opposing teams. To top it off, he and Sentinels have that sweet Masters event victory. Congratulations to SEN and congratulations to TenZ on being named the MVP.

With that, RunItBack’s Valorant Awards: Masters North America have all been dished out. This event showed that NA Valorant is as exciting to watch as any. The future Masters events are sure to be just as action packed.

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