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ROG Cup #2: VALORANDO takes home the grand prize

ROG Cup #2: VALORANDO takes home the grand prize

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The second iteration of ROG Cup has come to an end with the German team, VALORANDO, winning the tournament alongside the grand prize of €1,000. The Valorant tournament featured a best-of-one (BO1) single elimination bracket with a best-of-three (BO3) finale.

VALORANDO stun their opponents

VALORANDO is definitely the surprise winner of the tournament. Being one of the four teams that qualified for the tourney, the German team was one to look out for, but not the favorite to be crowned the winner of ROG Cup #2. Surely, the favorite of the tournament was Prodigy, with Damien “HyP” Souville at the steering wheel.

Nevertheless, VALORANDO defied all odds, and kicked things off on the right foot, defeating Team Jbzz without much trouble on Bind 13:5. It was then time to face one of the tournament favorites, Prodigy, in the semi-finals.

VALORANDO fought tooth and nail to edge out Prodigy, as HyP’s squad was reluctant to let go. The half finished in favor of VALORANDO at 7:5, after an intense showing on their attacking side. After half switch, Prodigy showed some teeth as well, making it all square at 12:12, and forcing overtime (OT). However, in the end, it was the German side that made their way into the grand finale of ROG Cup #2, closing out the match 13:12 in OT. Nevertheless, this semi-final could have gone either way.

Photo Credit: Valorant Liquipedia

The finale saw VALORANDO take on Koud’Kouto, another invited team to the tournament. The French Koud’Kouto medley had an equally interesting semi-final against PiP PiP PiP, edging out their opponents at 13:11. The BO3 final took us right into the brink of action, with yet another overtime, this time on Ascent. Both teams felt right at home on the defensive sides, but failed to capitalize on the attack, leading to an equal 12:12 split in rounds. However, yet again, it was VALORANDO that made the best of it in a do-or-die situation, winning Ascent 13:12.

While Ascent was a close encounter, Koud’Kouto looked unprepared for Bind. VALORANDO took full control of Bind on their attacking side, taking 10 rounds in the first half. The German side then swiftly grabbed the three rounds necessary to go home with the prize, closing out the final map at 13:4, effectively winning the final 2:0 and taking home the prize as the surprise winners.

Check out our highlight video below.

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