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Rise of TITANS – FABRIKEN secure first place

Rise of TITANS – FABRIKEN secure first place

Richard Brown


The Rise of TITANS event concluded and FABRIKEN were able to take first place, defeating StartedFromCS 2:0 in the grand-finals.

The event began on June 29th and ended on July 1st, featuring a prize pool of $2000. The prize pool was split with first place taking $1000, second-place taking $600, and third and fourth taking $200 each. First and second place will also take home a complete bundle of Logitech peripherals, with first-place also winning Maxnomic gaming chairs.

The format consisted of 32 teams playing through a single-elimination bracket, with each game leading up to the semi-finals being best-of-one (BO1) matches. From this point on, the matches were best-of-three (BO3).

Rise of TITANS invited 16 established teams to their event, as well having a qualifier for the remaining 16 places.

Invited teams:

Qualifying teams:

Rise of TITANS – Playoffs

FABRIKEN are becoming a household name during the early stages of the Valorant esports scene. On their way to the grand-finals, they were able to defeat CR4ZY and AERIS, 13:8 and 13:7 respectively, in the BO1 section. They then went on to defeat both ROYALS and CITRON CHIEN 2:1, in the games leading up to the grand-finals.

StartedFromCS faced off against elukat and ValorantTaupe, winning these BO1 matches, 13:3 and 13:10 respectively. They then went on to defeat 2G4L 2:0 in the quarter-finals and need more DM in the semi-finals, 2:1.


FABRIKEN managed to put up a dominant showing, beating StartedFromCS quite convincingly. The first map was played on Haven, where they were able to win 13:6. StartedFromCS put up a little more fight on the second map, Bind, but lost 13:8.

FABRIKEN features an all Swedish roster, consisting of:

StartedFromCS consists of a predominantly French roster, with familiar faces from the CSGO scene:

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