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Riot reveal 14 million average Valorant players monthly and confirm a mobile version in the works

Riot reveal 14 million average Valorant players monthly and confirm a mobile version in the works

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


In an exclusive press release, Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant Mobile is in the works. Also, Riot has revealed the astounding player numbers for the video game’s 1 year anniversary.

Big Numbers = Big Success

Valorant’s official launch was exactly one year ago from today, June 2, 2020. After a massive closed beta in April, Valorant developers shocked the players with the announcement that the video game will be out in the open in early June.

Since the release, Valorant has only kept growing. Riot’s official numbers show that an average of 14 million PC players log into the game on a monthly basis.

Video game developer and publisher Riot Games today announced an average of more than 14 million PC players from around the world log on each month to play VALORANT, Riot’s free-to-play FPS video game that launched solely on the PC platform only one year ago on June 2, 2020. 

– Riot Games

The developer has capitalized on the game’s early interest to take the competition to the global stage. And so, Valorant Champions Tour was born. A few months later, and Masters Reykjavik took place. Valorant’s first international LAN event that saw Sentinels clinch the victory against Fnatic.

Within less than a year after VALORANT’s 2020 debut, Riot also launched the VALORANT Champions Tour to support the game’s growing competitive scene. The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) is a year-long, global esports circuit featuring three levels of competition: Challengers, Masters, and Champions. The second major event of the 2021 Champions Tour and VALORANT’s first international tournament, VCT: Masters Stage 2, culminated this past week in Reykjavík, Iceland. According to initial reports, the final match between Sentinels and Fnatic garnered more than one million concurrent viewers, and an average minute audience of over eight hundred thousand. 

– Riot Games

Riot also announced that June will see a lot of in-game rewards and initiatives be brought out to the players. This is to celebrate Valorant’s successful year.

In honor of VALORANT’s year-one milestone, Riot will host a month-long celebration for VALORANT players and fans, gifting members of the community in-game rewards and initiatives. Throughout the month of June, the VALORANT community will receive  commemorative digital swag, including a redeemable player card and a free event pass, to mark the occasion.

– Riot Games

Valorant Coming to Mobile

We have seen and heard of the possibility of Valorant seeing itself on mobile devices. The leaks have been true, as Riot has finally confirmed that a mobile version of the competitive first-person shooter is in the works.

After a record-breaking closed beta debut and successful global launch, VALORANT quickly established itself as a global fan-favorite, emerging as one of the most prominent FPS games available on PC. Over the game’s first year, VALORANT players competed in over half a billion games of the team-based shooter. With enthusiasm for VALORANT only continuing to grow, Riot now is preparing to expand the franchise –  starting with VALORANT Mobile – in order to bring VALORANT to more players around the world. 

– Riot Games

Despite the announcement, we did not get a hint of when we can expect of the mobile version of the FPS shooter to release.

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