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Riot hosts $200,000 Twitch Rivals Tournament for launch of Valorant

Riot hosts $200,000 Twitch Rivals Tournament for launch of Valorant

David B


As the servers sunset in preparation for the launch of Riot Games’ new FPS Valorant, the hype and anticipation continue to build. Valorant launches June 2 and the servers will be flooded with players ready to make a splash. Coinciding with the game’s launch will be a Twitch Rivals tournament thrown by Riot and Twitch. Riot is no stranger to esports and their marketing efficacy will continue Valorant’s dominance of the Twitch landscape. With a prize pool of $200,00 spread across all major regions, Riot is serious about Valorant as an esport. The Twitch Rivals event is rumored to begin the weekend following Valorant’s release.

A champion will be crowned from each of the participating regions: North America, Latin America, Brazil, Europe, Korea, and Japan. At this time, the teams participating are unknown but will soon be revealed alongside a schedule. It’s common for teams to be a mix of professionals and streamers at the Twitch Rival events. Another tournament organizer is likely to make their own statement with professional teams only soon enough. For now, keep an eye on the Twitch Gaming channel the weekend following the launch for an exciting event.

As previously stated, teams will be announced shortly through official channels. Along with this, the exact schedule for the event will be released around the same time. We’ll continue to update this article with information as it becomes available to the public.

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