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Rib.gg interview with zombs following the NA Challengers Playoffs Upper Final

Rib.gg interview with zombs following the NA Challengers Playoffs Upper Final

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


NA Challengers Playoffs will be coming to a close soon. We already have our representatives for Berlin, but now those three teams must face off to decide the winner of the tournament. The Upper Final sent one team to the Grand Final. That being Sentinels. After a very convincing 2:0 victory over 100 Thieves, Sentinels continue to look unstoppable. Run It Back was able to speak with Jared “zombs” Gitlin once the match completed. This is a player who is straight to the point. No meaty responses. No dragging out questions. He knows what is on his mind, knows what needs to be said, and knows how good of a team he belongs to.

Run It Back interviews zombs following the NA Challengers Playoffs Upper Final

Run It Back: Many argue that 100 Thieves is the second best team in North America. You guys demolished them. Do you feel there is truly that big of a gap between NA’s best and second best?

zombs: Oh yeah. There is definitely a big gap between us and all of the other NA teams. For sure.

Run It Back: This was the first time you went against a team using KAY/O. I’m sure it has happened in scrims, but what are your thoughts on the most recent Agent and its spot in the meta?

zombs: I think people are over-hyping KAY/O. I didn’t even realize they had one. It didn’t have that much impact. We haven’t been using KAY/O and we’ve been winning every match. It is definitely not needed and not the meta.

Run It Back: Speaking of the meta, how is Astra coming along?

zombs: I think Astra is pretty much the same. It isn’t like the changes really made the character any worse. You aren’t using the pull every two seconds, you know?

Run It Back: It seems like every match is just smooth sailing. Is the team just on cruise control at this point? Or do you still put in the same time and effort to prepare as you did in the early days of VALORANT?

zombs: We’ve always done the same thing throughout our entire run so far. We just do what’s needed. We always take the time to fix something that’s wrong. If nothing’s wrong, then yeah, we’re just cruising.

Run It Back: When it comes to XSET and Team Envy, which team do you feel would better represent North America at Masters Berlin?

zombs: Envy has a longer history in NA of being at the top. For them to represent NA at a big event, I think they would be the better representatives. XSET could be the better team right now, though. We just have to see.

Run It Back: Masters Reykjavik’s trophy is on your mantle. I’m sure there is a space cleared for the Masters Berlin trophy already. Just lay it all out there. Is there anyone in the entire world that you feel could best you?

zombs: I think any team, literally anyone, can beat us on any given day if they play good enough. Or if we’re not up to our game, we could always lose. That’s just how VALORANT is. If we’re always on top of our game and we’re playing well, we should never lose.

*Answers may have been edited or altered for clarity and fluidity.*

Thank you to zombs for his time following the 2:0 victory over 100 Thieves. Up next for Sentinels is the Grand Final and then they are off to Masters Berlin with 100 Thieves and Team Envy.

Stay tuned to Run It Back for more coverage of the VALORANT Champions Tour as 2021 rolls on!