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Report: Global Esports set to sign Wronski

Report: Global Esports set to sign Wronski



Sources close to Run It Back believe that Global Esports are in talks with the Australian ace Michael “Wronski” Wronski. The source suggested that the player is “deep in talks with Global Esports.” Wronski will be the organization’s second signing outside of their sub-region (South Asia).

Wronski whilst at ORDER

The second import

Global recently announced the addition of Jordan “AYRIN” He into their roster for 2023. According to the rules by Riot Games an organization can only have one player outside of its major franchise region. If we were to abide by those rules, it would mean that Global Esport’s import restrictions are limited to the APAC region, giving them a green light to sign the Australian player.

Wronski was part of arguably the best VALORANT roster to come out from the OCE region. He was a part of ORDER, a roster that had a great showing during VCT APAC S2 and the LCQ. Whilst with ORDER, Wronski stuck to playing the Duelist role.

It has been an eventful transfer window thus far for the Indian organization. Apart from acquiring AYRIN, they have been linked to several high profile players across the region. It is believed that the Indian organization is currently scouring the market for a Duelist/Flex and a Controller player.

It has been a rough few months for the ex-ORDER players after their organization filed for bankruptcy. Wronski would also be the first big OCE player to play in the top VALORANT league in 2023.

Stay tuned to Run It Back as more rosters begin to take shape with 2022 winding down!