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Valorant Guide: 3 Sova Recon Bolt Lineups to use on Icebox for Attack

Valorant Guide: 3 Sova Recon Bolt Lineups to use on Icebox for Attack

Richard Brown


This guide demonstrates 3 Recon Bolt lineups on the map Icebox. Those lineups will help you use this powerful ability to its full potential on attack.

Sova’s Recon Bolt ability can be used in many effective ways, and out of Sova’s kit, has the most potential to impact the game. Well placed Recon Bolts can allow your team to make aggressive plays, as well as having the ability to gain valuable information to assist with rotates. It is also a very useful tool for retaking bombsites.

The first Recon Bolt in this guide demonstrates how you can place a Recon Bolt above the A-site, revealing most positions. The second Recon Bolt lineup will place a Recon Bolt half way up Middle, allowing your team to take map control. The third Recon Bolt lineup will land up on the metal structure above B-long, clearing out some important positions.

Sova’s Recon Bolt Ability:

  • Description“Equip a bow with recon bolt. Fire to send the bolt forward activating upon collision and revealing the location of nearby enemies caught in the line of sight of the bolt. Enemies can destroy this bolt. Hold Fire to extend the range of the projectile. Alternate Fire to add up to two bounces to this arrow.”
  • TypeSignature
  • CostFree

Recon Bolt Lineups for Icebox: Attack


This lineup will require you to line yourself up on the ramp as shown below. From there you can use the corner of the charge bar to get the perfect lineup. The blue circle highlights this in the second image. You will then need to fully charge the shot with the bounces set to two.

This Recon Bolt will land above the A-site and can be used to gather information early on in the round, or in combination with an execute onto the site. The Recon Bolt will reveal most positions on site if it gets a scan off, providing your team with valuable information.

Recon Bolt Attack Icebox A-site
A-site lineup
A-site view
Images via Riot Games


This lineup can be a bit tricky and will definitely require some practice to master. Facing the boxes as shown below, you will need to use the bar of your Drone ability icon to get the perfect lineup for this Recon Bolt. You will need to line the edge of the Drone bar with the small black dot on the tower in the distance. This is highlighted by the blue circle in the second image. From there you will need to charge the shot into the second bar, with bounces set to zero.

The Recon Bolt lands on the corner of one of the crates above Middle, allowing your team to easily take map control of this area.

Recon Bolt attack icebox - middle
Middle lineup
Middle view
Images via Riot Games


From the corner outside B-long you will need to position your crosshair as shown below. From there you will need to fully charge the shot with the bounces set to one.

This Recon Bolt is great to use on anti-eco rounds, as it will allow you to clear out all the close angles as you work your way towards B site.

Recon Bolt attack icebox - B-cubby
B-cubby view
Images via Riot Games

For anyone playing Sova as one of their main agents, it’s always good to know as many Recon Bolt lineups as possible, both for attack and defense. Before you utilize those in a ranked game, it’s definitely worth practicing them once or twice in a private match. This will also help you to remember them when going into a rated matchup.

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