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Rebo on joining Andbox and keeping the Moon Raccoons spirit alive

Rebo on joining Andbox and keeping the Moon Raccoons spirit alive

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Run It Back previously spoke with Chris “Rebo” Heindel during the height of Moon Raccoon’s popularity. The conversation coined a catchphrase, started a movement, and made Moon Raccoons one of the most beloved T2 teams in North America. Since then, Moon Raccoons has seemingly dissolved. All members have moved on and are present in different teams. They are spread throughout the Valorant scene with Evil Geniuses, Spacestation Gaming, Gen.G Esports, Dignitas, and Andbox.

Andbox is where Rebo now calls home. The announcement was made on February 18, 2021, sending the fans of Moon Raccoons into a frenzy. The head honcho of the Trashtronauts signed with a professional Valorant team and everyone could not be happier. Run It Back reached out to him once more to discuss the Moon Raccoons legacy and what joining Andbox means for him in an exclusive interview.

Rebo on joining Andbox and keeping the Moon Raccoons spirit alive

Run It Back: First and foremost, congratulations on signing with Andbox. How did you end up on New York’s Valorant team? What made them appealing?

Rebo: Thanks for the congratulations and it truly all started with Warden hitting me up in my DMs. Basically, they needed an IGL (in-game leader) at the time and knew me from Moon Raccoons. They were impressed with what I did with that team, so the rest is history. I was very interested, obviously, since they share the same goals of being a top team first. That really appealed to my competitive side.

Run It Back: What are we going to see from you, that maybe fans didn’t see from you in Moon Raccoons?

Rebo: I’m really branching out and trying new roles and agents. With Moon Raccoons, I was the primary Cypher on the team due to the need and the want for me being on Cypher. With Andbox, we are really able to go with a lot of different agents whether it’s Cypher, Viper, or Sova. I get the chance to truly increase my agent pool against top level teams.

Run It Back: Speaking of Moon Raccoons, what are your thoughts on the rest of the team, their new homes, and potential success they could see?

Rebo: Every success for them is a success for all of us. In the end, we have spread players from that team throughout the scene. At this rate it’s not going to be long until we can form a Raccoons democracy between the teams. That’s the hope. On the real, though, every single offer, we all rooted for each other every step of the way. I want the best for each and everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Run It Back: Now that you have all pretty much gone your separate ways, are there any plans to keep the Moon Raccoons spirit alive?

Rebo: For me personally, I underestimated how much I would be grinding with a new team and will not have the time to rebuild. Although, some are saying there are rumblings of something happening over there that may or may not come true. But you didn’t hear that from me. *wink*

Run It Back: I can’t wait! Now, back to Andbox. You said you are trying out new agents and roles. What kind of role do you think you will end up having with the team? Will it be business as usual or something new for you?

Rebo: Besides different agents, same IGLing role. I know I can offer a T1 level of IGLing to this team, and they feel that as well. So, really business as usual. It’s just now I have the time to truly grind to get to the top and the resources to do it.

Run It Back: What are you most excited about in terms of your future with Andbox or Valorant in general?

Rebo: What is there not to be excited about? First, people are doubting us. Second, everyone has a drive and passion to get to the top. Honestly, I’m just excited for those two facts with this team. The atmosphere to show people we are a great team, no matter the players, is 100% felt and I know we can hit the level we are striving for.

Run It Back: It is no secret that Moon Raccoons has a bit of a cult following. Everyone is rooting for you. Are there any last thoughts you’d like to share with your fans who have stuck with you since the beginning?

Rebo: Where to start? From every inch of my being, I appreciate and love everything you all did for us. Not only did you make that experience special for us, from that experience you made all of our dreams come true and we love you all for that. For me, just know that I’ve been grinding more than I have in my entire career. There’s a personal feeling of giving it all I can to prove to myself. I can and will be the top IGL and player in the scene. I know I am far from that now, but I’m putting in the time to reach it. Just watch and make sure if I don’t, let me hear it because I’m not trying to just slouch out with mediocrity.

*Note: Some answers may have been slightly edited or altered for fluidity and clarity.

Run It Back would like to once again congratulate Rebo on signing with Andbox and thank him for yet another fantastic exclusive interview. Stay tuned for more player interviews, breaking news, guides, and coverage of the Valorant Champions Tour!