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Raze and Killjoy hit with nerfs in VALORANT Patch 6.03

Raze and Killjoy hit with nerfs in VALORANT Patch 6.03

Charlie Pickles


VALORANT Patch 6.03 is here and sees changes to Raze and Killjoy. Swiftplay stays in the game and some bugs are fixed.

Raze and Killjoy nerfs


● Turret (E) health decreased 125 >>> 100
○ Reducing the total health of the Turret will allow for opponents to have an easier
time destroying it, particularly with weaker weapons.

● Lockdown (X) point cost increased 7 >>> 8
○ We’re happy with Killjoy’s Ult being powerful when opponents don’t have a plan
to push or contest it, but feel the frequency is too high for the reliability it now


● Boom Bot (C) duration decreased 10s >>> 5s

Modes Updates


Swiftplay will remain within the game and not be removed after rumors of the Swiftplay Beta coming to an end in January. The game-mode will remain within VALORANT and Riot still want player’s feedback.

Social Updates

● Added Real Time Text Evaluation (NA only to start) to the Agent Select screen.

Real Time Text Evaluation was discussed more in VALORANT Patch Notes 5.10.

  • In addition to our existing interventions, we are launching a new feature to begin muting players in chat who send disruptive text messages in game. Interventions for disruptive text will now be applied sooner rather than later as we continue updating our systems to evaluate more types of text communication.
  • These improvements will be added to North America first and expanded to more regions in the near future.
    • With the implementation of more immediate text evaluation, we hope to detect and reduce disruptive situations while players are still in game and help you feel safer to engage in VALORANT.

Bug Fixes

● Adjusted Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru’s hair heights to fit within our standardized vertical
● AI (such as Skye’s Seekers [X]) will now travel through the crouch-only connection on
Pearl near the Defender’s spawn area.
● Fixed a bug where KAY/O would sometimes be able to move after being downed during
NULL/cmd (X).

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