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RAGE Japan Tournament – Absolute JUPITER secure first place

RAGE Japan Tournament – Absolute JUPITER secure first place

Richard Brown


The RAGE Japan Valorant Tournament ended with Absolute JUPITER defeating SCARZ 2:0, winning the match in a dominant fashion.

The event took place from Aug 1-2 and featured a prize pool of ¥5,000,000 ($46,400 USD). The prize pool was split with the winners taking home ¥3,000,000 ($28,593), second place receiving ¥1,000,000 ($9,531) and third and fourth receiving ¥750,000 ($7,148) and ¥250,000 ($2,383) respectively.

There was an open qualifier for this event, capped at 256 teams. Eight of these teams made it through to the main event. These teams are listed below:

The main event featured a single elimination bracket with all the matches except the grand-finals being played in a best-of-one (BO1) format.

RAGE Japan – Grand-finals

Absolute JUPITER faced off against DetonatioN Gaming and Blackbird Ignis on their way to the grand-finals, and were able to beat these teams 13:11 and 13:7 respectively.

SCARZ were matched up against REJECT and Lag Gaming, and defeated these teams 13:12 and 13:9 respectively.

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The first map, Haven, saw Absolute JUPITER start the series off strong, winning 13:5. They managed to mirror the scoreline from the first map on Split, winning 13:5 again to secure the grand-finals.

Reita and barce both put up dominant performances in the grand-finals, with 43 and 32 kills respectively. For SCARZ, ryota- and marin also had notable performances in the grand-finals, with 30 and 25 kills respectively.

The Absolute JUPITER lineup consists of the following five players:

The SCARZ roster consists of:

The third place playoff saw Lag Gaming defeat Black Ignis 13:11, securing themselves ¥750,000 ($7,148).

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