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Pulse Series Day 4 – Mamba Mode Take First Place

Pulse Series Day 4 – Mamba Mode Take First Place

Richard Brown


The last two matches of the Pulse Series event took place on Day 4; this consisted of the lower bracket final, as well as the grand final. Mamba Mode Gaming (MMG) were able to continue their dominant form and win the grand final 3:2 against Luminosity. MMG only lost one best-of-one match in the group stage, as they went undefeated through the playoff bracket.

The Pulse Series featured a $10,000 prize pool and took place from September 10-13. Be sure to check out our viewer’s guide for more details on all of the teams that attended, as well as the event format.

Pulse Series Day 4 – Lower Bracket Final

Luminosity 2:0 Beastcoast

After having a great run at this event, Beastcoast fall to Luminosity in the lower bracket final. They managed to keep the series competitive, as they took the first map into overtime, however, they struggled to close the map out. Luminosity were able to maintain their composure and close out the series 2:0.

  • Split – Luminosity 14:12 Beastcoast
  • Bind – Luminosity 13:8 Beastcoast

Beastcoast finished the event in third place.

PULSE SERIES DAY 4 – Grand Final

Mamba Mode 3:2 Luminosity

The grand final was a best-of-five (BO5) series, in which Mamba Mode had a one map advantage. This advantage was due to the fact that they were undefeated through the upper bracket.

The grand final series was an incredibly close fought affair, with both teams managing to win two maps. The deciding map, Ascent, went into overtime, where Mamba Mode was able to close it out in overtime; 14:12.

  • Bind – Mamba Mode 13:11 Luminosity
  • Split – Mamba Mode 3:13 Luminosity
  • Haven – Mamba Mode 9:13 Luminosity
  • Ascent – Mamba Mode 14:12 Luminosity

Full playoff bracket:

Image via Liquipedia

This event was a great way to showcase some of the up and coming talent in the North American region. Mamba Mode and Beastcoast both looked very impressive throughout the event and will certainly be teams to look out for in the future.

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