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Pros react to first VCT EU Stage 3 Open Qualifier and Main Event using Valorant Patch 3.0

Pros react to first VCT EU Stage 3 Open Qualifier and Main Event using Valorant Patch 3.0

Jalen Lopez


The upcoming Valorant Patch 3.0 introduces significant changes to the price of weapons. It also adjusts the run and gun accuracy in Valorant. The Valorant Champions Tour Challengers Europe Stage 3 Week 1 Open Qualifier and main event will be played on Patch 3.0. This means professional players have a week to adapt to massive changes.

Patch 3.0 adjusts the cost of abilities for several agents, which significantly impacts how players must budget each round. For example, Jett’s Cloudburst will reportedly increase in cost from 100 to 200. And her Blade Storm costs an extra ult orb.

Several weapons like the Bulldog, Guardian, Marshal, and Operator will be cheaper in Patch 3.0. This should introduce a new meta focused on gunplay rather than abilities. Players will have more opportunities to purchase weapons as they are cheaper and abilities cost more. 

Riot Games also confirmed adjustments to run and gun accuracy are coming to “tighten up engagements.” Most professional players already have the best possible aim. But this change can still impact gunfights as they have not experienced the new mechanics.

Sweeping changes to viable agents and weapons will significantly impact how the best players in the European region use them. Massive adjustments like this take time to learn. But players have less than a week to adapt their strategies before the Stage 3 Open Qualifiers. 

Patch 3.0 is expected to release with Episode 3 on June 22. Unfortunately, this means players do not have access to the build they will be competing on for another day, limiting their time to practice. 

Pro reactions to Patch 3.0

Several professional players have expressed their disappointment with being forced to compete on the new patch with little time to practice. Fnatic in-game leader Jake “boaster” Howlett expressed his disappointment with a meme.  

OG head coach Tanishq “Tanizhq” Sabharwal explained how scrims are useless until Wednesday. This is because teams do not have access to Patch 3.0. Former Team Liquid player Adam “ec1s” Eccles expressed how he believes the patch should’ve been released right after Masters 2 Reykjavik to give players more time to adjust. 

Regardless of personal opinion, European teams will need to adjust to Patch 3.0 quickly if they want to make it to Masters 3 Berlin.

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