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Pro Fight Night Arena: Night One

Pro Fight Night Arena: Night One

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Fight Night Arena is back with a new two-night format. All games are a best of three series. The first night consists of two contests and the winner will advance to the second night. The victorious team in that battle then moves on to fight the champion, Pretty Boyz, at the end of night two!

Match One: Adaptation vs. Lemonade Stand

Map One

Ascent was the map to kick things off. The first handful of rounds was very back and forth between the teams. Lemonade Stand, as the attackers, were able to pull ahead winning eight rounds in the first half. That came courtesy of superstar outings from brawk and cavern. That momentum would indeed carry over to the second half. Lemonade Stand did not concede a round on defense, taking the map with ease at 13:4.

Map Two

The teams would find themselves on Split for the second map of the evening. Things were very uncommon here with Jett and Cypher being the only agents that were matched by both squads. Lemonade Stand opted to bring in Viper and no Sage while Adaptation entered the bout with Breach. In a similar fashion to Ascent, the first rounds were fairly even. Continuing the similarity, Lemonade Stand would rack up the round wins, finishing Adaptation off 2:0 with a 13:5 victory on Split.

Match Two: Moon Raccoons vs. Mamba Mode Gaming

Map One

The two maps played prior seemingly set the tone for the beginning of this matchup on Bind. The opening rounds of this contest were neck and neck. Moon Raccoons would then take the first half advantage 8:4. Great fragging from Aftamat, Stealthy, and Skelly wasn’t enough to end things in regulation, however. Mamba Mode Gaming fought their way to a 12:12 tie, sending things to overtime. The heroics of zecK, Wedid, and Bjor would push MMG to the overtime victory 14:12.

Map Two

For the second map, the teams made their way to Haven. This would be the first instance of a team jumping ahead early. Moon Raccoons would take the first eight rounds of their attacking half. They would switch to defense with a familiar 8:4 lead, however. Mamba Mode Gaming proved there was still some fight left in them gaining nine total rounds, but ultimately the fight would run out. Moon Raccoons take the map 13:9, forcing a decider map.

Map Three

Ascent is the destination to decide this one. Neither team entered the contest with a Sage. This caused a very fast pace without the healer’s abilities to stall a push. The first half, unlike the other games played, ends even at 6:6. The back and forth would continue into the second half. Each team would answer when the other would take the round lead. A two round lead would finally be had as Moon Raccoons were able to go up 11:9. MMG was not done yet, forcing another overtime in the series.

With a trio of disgusting Operator kills, Stealthy lands Moon Raccoons the map victory 14:12, taking the series 2:1. Tomorrow, it is Moon Raccoons versus Lemonade Stand. The winner then enters the championship bout against Pretty Boyz!

Stay tuned to Run it Back for the summary of Night Two of Fight Night Arena, along with useful Valorant guides and breaking news!