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Pop Flash – Day 2 Recap – C9 and Sentinels top Groups

Pop Flash – Day 2 Recap – C9 and Sentinels top Groups

Richard Brown


Day 2 of Pop Flash continued on with the next round of matches being played out. Day 2 saw Cloud9 and Sentinels place first in their respective groups.

The second day of Pop Flash consisted of four matches being played; the two Winners’ Matches, as well as the two Elimination Matches. The results of these two Elimination Matches mean that Gen.G and T1 have both been eliminated from the event.

There are still two Decider Matches left to be played for the group stage of the event. These will determine the teams that will join Cloud9 and Sentinels in the playoffs. The two Deciders will take place on day 3 of the event.

Pop Flash – Day 2 Results

Cloud9 2:0 Dignitas

After a great start to the event, Dignitas fell short in the first Winners’ Match of the group stage. If Cloud9 can consistently deliver performances like this, they will surely be contenders to win at big events.

  • Haven – Cloud9 13:1 Dignitas
  • Ascent – Cloud9 13:7 Dignitas

Dignitas will be playing TSM in the Decider Match during the next day’s play.

Sentinels 2:0 Immortals

It feels like Immortals have the ability to beat any of the top North American teams except TSM and Sentinels, where they always seem to fall short. Surely, they will be looking to improve on this in the future, as they will need to do so if they want to triumph at Valorant events.

  • Bind – Sentinels 13:10 Immortals
  • Split – Sentinels 13:7 Immortals

Immortals are not out of the event however, and will be facing off against Envy in the Decider Match.

TSM 2:0 Gen.G

After a disappointing start to the event, TSM bounced back and defeated Gen.G 2:0. Gen.G was able to put a respectable amount of rounds, however, both maps felt like TSM were in control throughout.

  • Bind – TSM 13:9 Gen.G
  • Haven – TSM 13:10 Gen.G

Losing this match meant that Gen.G have been eliminated from the event. Playing TSM in the elimination match was a bit of a tough run for Gen.G, as they are certainly a team with upset potential.

ENVY 2:1 T1

The second elimination match saw Envy defeat T1 2:1. After an incredibly close first map, where T1 were able to narrowly win in overtime, Envy managed to bounce back and win the next two maps.

  • Split – Envy 15:17 T1
  • Ascent – Envy 13:11 T1
  • Haven – Envy 13:7 T1

Another early exit for T1, as they are eliminated from the event.

Group standings after Pop Flash Day 2:

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