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Pop Flash – Day 1 Recap

Pop Flash – Day 1 Recap

Richard Brown


Day 1 of Pop Flash, part of Riot’s Ignition Series events, concluded with the first round matches of both groups being played.

The event takes place from August 26-31 and features eight of the best North American teams. Pop Flash also boasts an impressive prize pool of $50,000, of which first place will take home $25,000. Second, third and fourth place will receive $12,500, $7,500 and $5,000 respectively.

The tournament format consists of a GSL-style group stage, with two groups of four. Two teams from each group will move on to a double-elimination playoff bracket. All the matches throughout the event are best-of-three.

Group A:

Group B:

Day 1 Results

Dignitas 2:0 TSM

An incredible start to the event by the newly signed Dignitas roster, showing that they are able to compete at the highest level of the North American scene. TSM must surely be disappointed with this result, especially due to the dominant fashion in which they lost these two maps.

  • Haven – Dignitas 13:5 TSM
  • Bind – Dignitas 13:4 TSM

Cloud9 2:1 Gen.G

After dropping the first map, Cloud9 were able to bounce back and win the next two maps convincingly. It feels like this matchup could have gone either way, as both these teams have the potential to make deep runs.

  • Split – Cloud9 8:13 Gen.G
  • Ascent – Cloud9 13:5 Gen.G
  • Bind – Cloud9 13:6 Gen.G

Sentinels 2:0 Envy

This result is pretty much in line with what you would expect. Sentinels are one of the favorites coming into this event and they made quick work of Envy. Envy were able to put up some resistance on the first map, before being blown out of the water on the following map, Bind.

  • Haven – Sentinels 13:9 Envy
  • Bind – Sentinels 13:4 Envy

Immortals 2:0 T1

Yet another disappointing performance from T1. From a team that feels like they have a lot of potential, they continuously fail to show it at big events. Of course, full credit to Immortals who are shaping up to be an impressive team and definitely one to look out for as the event unfolds.

  • Bind – Immortals 13:3 T1
  • Ascent – Immortals 13:7 T1

Group standings after Pop Flash Day 1:

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