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Polish Open #FRAMESWINGAMES: Entropiq clutch out the grand final

Polish Open #FRAMESWINGAMES: Entropiq clutch out the grand final

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The Valorant Polish Open #FRAMESWINGAMES event has come to an end with Entropiq coming out on top. The two-day event featured a $3000 USD prize pool with the triumphant team going home with $1500 USD. A single elimination bracket with a best-of-three format was implemented, making it a do-or-die scenario with each matchup.

Road to the Final

The punishing single-elimination bracket was brutal for the most part. The quarterfinals separated the mediocre from the better teams at the event right away, as they all finished with a 2:0 victory.

The semifinals brought us the two finalists. THOSE GUYS defeated ciszej in a 2:1 victory. Meanwhile, Entropiq dismantled ProjectD to enter the finale. Both teams that went on were definitely among the favorites to potentially win the whole Polish Open event.

The Grand Final

The grand final of Polish Open was as tight as it could get. THOSE GUYS nor Entropiq would let their opponents get much breathing room in the best-of-three final where all maps would be necessary to bring out the winner.

Ascent brought us the initial excitement as an overtime ensued. Entropiq would find themselves in the lead after clinching the match point in the first overtime on the map at 14:12. Nevertheless, Ascent could have gone either way.

Next up was Split, where we got to see defensive masterclass from both squads. Entropiq was in the lead 9:3 at half time, looking to close things out on Split. However, THOSE GUYS had other plans, as they mounted on a fantastic comeback and clutched out Split at 13:11.

Bind was leftover as the decider map of the best-of-three finale. Much like the previous two, the decider came close as well. Entropiq managed to clutch things out after a close half at 7:5. THOSE GUYS put on a tough fight, but Entropiq pulled ahead to get the win at Valorant Polish Open at 13:10.

Photo Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Sebastian “NEEX” Trela and co. walk away with a close win at Valorant’s Polish Open #FRAMESWINGAMES.

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