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PK Invitational Gauntlet Series – TSM Secure First Place

PK Invitational Gauntlet Series – TSM Secure First Place

Richard Brown


The PK Invitational Gauntlet Series saw an action-packed day yesterday, in which TSM was able to win their second event back-to-back. TSM defeated Gen.G in the grand final 2:1.

All the group stage and playoff matches took place on August 16th and the event featured a $10,000 prize pool. This was split with first place taking home $6,000, second place receiving $3,000, and third place receiving $1,000.

The group stage consisted of four groups of four teams, playing a round-robin format, with all matches being best-of-one (bo1). The top two teams from each group would progress to the playoffs. The playoffs consisted of a double-elimination bracket, with all the matches leading up to the grand-final being best-of-one matches. The grand-final was the only match throughout the event that featured a best-of-three series.

PK Invitational – Group Stage

Groups A and B played out much as one would expect. There were definitely two favorites in each of these groups and both of them were able to make it through to the playoffs.

Group C saw T1 losing to both Gen.G and Renegades and as a result, finished third in their group. T1 must be disappointed with this result, as it feels like the team has a lot more potential than what they have been able to showcase recently.

Cloud9 was able to make a clean sweep of Group D. However, it was an incredibly close affair between the remaining three teams. All three teams went 1-2 although Complexity finished the group with the highest round differential and as a result made it through in second place.

Full group stage results:


The playoff bracket saw Gen.G make a clean run through to the grand final, defeating Complexity, Homeless, and TSM. Having been knocked down to the lower bracket, TSM had to face off against Cloud9. However, they were able to make quick work of them, defeating them 13:6 in the lower bracket final.

Immortals might be a bit disappointed with their loss against Team Envy, especially in such dominant fashion. Team Envy might have also appreciated a chance of going up against TSM in the lower bracket final. Unfortunately for them, they lost in double OT to Cloud9, and were denied the chance to do so.

Grand Final

Due to Gen.G playing their way through the upper bracket, they were given a map advantage in a best-of-three series. Usually a map advantage is given in a best-of-five series, but very rarely in a best-of-three. This didn’t stop TSM however, as they were able to get revenge against Gen.G, winning both maps 13:9.

  • Haven – TSM 13:9 Gen.G
  • Ascent – TSM 13:9 Gen.G

Without Sentinels participating in the event, TSM were certainly the favorites going into the PK Invitational. This result marks their second event win in a row and surely, Sentinels are eager to prevent them from getting a third.

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