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Pittsburgh Knights disqualified BBG based on a Twitch clip

Pittsburgh Knights disqualified BBG based on a Twitch clip

Gabriel Ionica


The Pittsburgh Knights were in some hot water yesterday following the disqualification (DQ) of BuiltByGamers (BBG) from their “Knights Before Christmas” tournament.

The Reason for the Pittsburgh Knights DQ

Pittsburgh Knights announced on Twitter that BBG would be disqualified due to an on-going investigation. This prompted a TwitLonger from Rob “rob-wiz Kennedy, a player on BBG, who explained that they were disqualified due to a cheating allegation towards Tristan “Critical” Trinacty. The allegation was put forward by Time In, the team BBG defeated 2-0.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who plays under the Time In banner, tweeted out the clips in question with the caption “This was the clip that was flagged by the admins and was also brought to our teams attention after the fact. GGs to all the teams we played today, we play tomorrow at noon vs GEN G.” The tweet was since deleted.

O’Connor later made public the clip that led to this decision.

The president of the Pittsburgh Knights, James O’Connor, defended his questionable decision. After reviewing those clips, BBG was disqualified in order to keep “competitive integrity first.” Riot was also not around to confirm the allegation due to their holiday break. He reportedly also suggested that BBG decline to play and the team agreed. That latter part might not have been so true.

Rob-wiz fired back at O’Connor, claiming that the team never agreed to leave the tournament to which O’Connor responded with “I spoke to your ownership Rob.” Rob-wiz replied that he also spoke with the owners who also confirmed nobody on BBG agreed to forfeit the tournament.

The Backlash

The community was up in arms, with important figures like Rod “Slasher” Breslau and Dustin “dusT” Mouret expressing their disapproval of disqualifying a team solely based on Twitch clips.

Following this backlash, O’Connor decided to reinstate BBG into the tournament. He quoted a statement made by the Twitter account “AntiCheatPD” as leading to his decision. It’s important to note that AntiCheatPD is a community account and not an official anti-cheat resource.

Despite being admitted back to the tournament, BBG decided to forgo the tournament to train for upcoming events.

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