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Outstanding Performers — May Week 3

Outstanding Performers — May Week 3



The third week of May marked the start of the group stages in EMEA, North America and Brazil. The best teams in each of these region began their journey to Copenhagen. The weekend saw some big upsets in the EMEA region in particular. The tournaments in focus this week are:

Player of the Week

Emir “Alfajer” Ali Beder

Fnatic started the current split of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) afresh. After the disappointed at the VCT Masters: Reykjavik the organization introduced some sweeping changes to their roster. Among these changes was the addition of Alfajer who made his debut over the course of the weekend. The player put his supreme talent on display and played a key role in his team’s victory against FunPlus Phoenix. He earned our Player of the week in the process.

Fnatic’s Turkish delight

Fnatic’s emphatic victory against FunPlus Phoenix marked a new dawn for the VALORANT scene in EMEA. It will forever be remembered as the match that marked the arrival of Alfajer into the big leagues. The Turkish talent finished his debut with an ACS of 305. The series also saw him drop 408 ACS on the map Fracture alone. His ADR of 196 currently ranks as the second highest in the league.

Alfajer‘s ADR and ACS

Alfajer topped the charts in multiple metrics over the course of the weekend. Other than ACS and ADR he also ranks second in the league when it comes to Kills Per Round (1.09). Another thing to highlight would be the number of Maximum Kill Rounds (KMax) he had in the series. He ranks fourth in the league when it comes to KMax with 26 KMax rounds.

Alfajer‘s Impact in the series against FunPlus Phoenix

Alfajer‘s impact in the series can easily be judged by just looking at his multi-kill rounds. The Turk finished the series with a whopping 17 Multi-Kill rounds. This included 8 2ks, 7 3ks, 1 4k and an ace to top things off. He was ahead in this regard by a good margin in the entire server. His performance also included two clutches with a clutch percentage of 50%.

Alfajer’s rise to the top has been a sight to behold for the Fnatic fans. His firepower will prove to be pivotal for the roster’s success going forward into the year. However, consistency will be the ultimate measurement that will judge the Turkish star. So, for him to keep his form up going into the latter half of the split will be essential.

Team of the Week

GUILD Esports

GUILD Esports marked the start of the new split of their VCT season by picking up a huge victory against M3C. Although being one of the seeded teams at the event, GUILD had a disappointing end to their last split. The team had their hopes and dreams of their VCT Masters: Reykjavik qualification crushed by Team Liquid. However, GUILD picked up an impressive win this weekend as they made quick work of M3C. Their performance has earned them our Team of the Week.

VCT S2: EMEA Challengers – Assists Per Round

To start off, let’s look at the above chart which compares the Assists Per Round at the event. GUILD Esports ranked first in this regard with a combined 1.76 Assists Per Round for the team. Someone who clearly excelled in this regard was Leo “Leo” Jannesson who maintained an Assists Per Round of 0.54, the highest over the course of the weekend. In fact, you would find three GUILD players in the top 10 when it comes Assists Per Round at the event.

GUILD’s First Kill Win Percentage at the event

While GUILD Esports found themselves on top of multiple metrics after their series against M3C. The one that really stood out was their ability to win First Bloods and their KAST Rating. The roster won 24 First Kills against M3C while also winning 59% of the opening engagements. They rank third in this regard at the event. Another statistic not mentioned in the chart was their KAST Rating of 79%, which is currently only behind Team Liquid at the event.

While GUILD Esports are off to a flying start at the event, the situation feels all too familiar. The roster found itself in a similar position in the previous split where they qualified to the Group Stage without dropping a single map. Despite that, the team failed to capitalize on this momentum and performed below expectations. It’s something GUILD Esports will look to avoid this time as they look to qualify for VCT Masters 2: Copenhagen.

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