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OrglessV’s Happy on feelings post G2 match and getting signed by an organization

OrglessV’s Happy on feelings post G2 match and getting signed by an organization

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


After the second match of First Strike Regional Finals in Europe, we got a few minutes to chat with OrglessV’s own Vincent “Happy” Cervoni. Happy shared with us how he felt about the close matchup against G2 Esports, chances of his side getting picked up by an organization, and whether he could replicate his famous 5k Desert Eagle play in CSGO in Valorant.

Interview with Happy

Run It Back: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us considering how late your match against G2 finished. So, firstly, how do you feel about your team’s performance against G2. Both maps ended up being really close.

Happy: *laughs* We just lost, so it’s always hard especially for the players, but I’ll try to give you an answer that is as precise as possible. So, tournament-wise, I think we over-performed, we beat the expectation of us getting destroyed by G2, but we managed to qualify, first of all, and then we managed to make it close, really competitive on both maps against G2, which is the best team in Europe for a very long time now. Right now, I have this horrible feeling where you know that the game could have gone either way depending on just one or two decisions that we did, or didn’t make. Though, I think we should feel good about ourselves right now because, as I said, it’s probably the best team in Europe right now, as well as the last couple of months. But, in the end, we are competitors, at least I am, and I know my team is as well, but it’s horrible when you know that the game was so close for you.

Run It Back: Definitely, both matches were within reach of three rounds, so it was just down to one, two or three plays that could have made all the difference, so your team did a phenomenal job to challenge G2. So following that track, what do you think could have been slightly improved in your team’s performance if you were to look back at the game now.

Happy: I think there are multiple factors. I think it may be a bit of experience, for example, I’ve seen set pieces on Split and Bind where if we were prepared well enough, and experienced enough we wouldn’t have lost to what G2 was throwing at us. We lost like an eco, a force buy, some weird rounds, as well as a tremendous amount of clutches. So experience, definitely, and I would say a bit more time as our map pool might be just on the average of the top teams. We have good maps, like for example we are really good on Ascent, I think we can beat probably beat anyone on it, but I think we need just a little more time to practice together and we’ll be good to go. Overall, time and experience will do the trick for us, I’m pretty sure.

Run It Back: You are one of the four teams that went into the Europe Regional Finals as an unsigned roster. Will we see you, or your team, represent an organization soon, is there anything you can tell us about that.

Happy: *laughs* Well, I can’t really tell you much, as usual haha. But, we are all represented, we have an agent and he’s doing the work for us, trying to find us orgs. I believe we are already in touch with some, but yeah, for now we are looking for an org, and we are happy to receive offers from pretty much anybody.

Run It Back: So we are to expect you being part of an organization soon, right?

Happy: That’s the plan. Soon, I don’t know, it depends on the offer and the demand, but we are definitely looking for one.

Run It Back: Alright, to wrap it, I have kind of a fun question for you. Looking back at your CSGO career, when can we expect you to get a 5k with a Sheriff through smokes, like the good times on Inferno in CS. Is that happening any time soon?

Happy: *laughs* Oh I hope it does happen because I would make such a play in both games, so it would be kind of a personal achievement. But I’m not going to lie, I would have much rather win against G2 than get 5 kills through smokes. I’m always going for the trophies instead of the individual awards, of course it would be super fun to do that in that game [match against G2].

Run It Back: Alright, well, thank you again, on behalf of Run It Back, I congratulate you and your team on, as you said, going up against G2 and giving them a good fight, and well getting as far as the Regional Finals. It’s been fantastic to watch you and good talk! We wish you all the best!

*The answers may have been altered slightly for clarity*

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