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ORDER Oceanic Open: Team Launch scoop the W

ORDER Oceanic Open: Team Launch scoop the W

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


ORDER Oceanic Open has come to a close with Team Launch coming out as the victors of the Oceania Valorant event. The tournament was part of the Ignition Series partnership and boasted a hefty $10,000 AUD prize pool, with the winner scooping $5,000.

The B-Tier event was split into a group stage and playoffs. The group stage featured 16 teams divided into two groups of 8 in a double elimination bracket. Each group would then push three teams to the playoffs from their upper and lower brackets.

Group Stage

The group stage format was relatively unique. Instead for opting for a more traditional group stage, such as the Swiss format, the group stage took on a double elimination format with the primary matches being best-of-one, but the rest being best-of-three (BO3).

Group A of the double elimination group stage. Photo credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group A of the ORDER Oceanic Open ended with EXO Clan and Unnamed advancing to the playoffs from the upper bracket. Dire Wolves also made it to the playoffs, but from the lower bracket of group A.

Group B of the double elimination group stage. Photo credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Group B of the Oceania event brought us Team Launch and Control advancing to the playoffs. Also, Pants Down made it through as well, but from the lower bracket after a 2:1 victory over Gvng.


The playoffs featured the following teams after a successful run at their respective groups:

  • EXO Clan
  • Control
  • Dire Wolves
  • Unnamed
  • Pants Down
  • Team Launch

EXO Clan and Team Launch were the winners of their groups, and so advanced straight to the semi-finals. EXO Clan faced Control in their semi, and came out on top after a 2:1 victory in maps.

On the other side, Team Launch faced Unnamed. Team Launch had absolutely no trouble with Unnamed, sweeping them 13:3 on Haven and 13:5 on Ascent. Team Launch cruised to the final confidently.

Playoffs bracket of ORDER Oceanic Open. Photo credit: Liquipedia Valorant

The finale of the event saw EXO Clan take on Team Launch. Both teams won their groups, and looked like the favorites from the start. Featuring known ex-CSGO names such as Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney or Kyran “dizzy” Crombie, these two teams looked like they would make it far in the event. And so they did. However, the grand finale was somewhat disappointing.

EXO Clan struggled to hold their own on the two maps played in the BO3 encounter. Both Haven and Ascent ended with a 13:5 score for Team Launch. Team Launch showcased an extremely potent attacking side on Haven with a 11:1 score at the half, leaving little room for error for EXO. On Ascent, the half came close, at 7:5 for Team Launch. However, yet again, it was the attacking side that reigned supreme, as EXO once more failed to defend against their opponent’s attacking side which translated to six straight rounds bagged by Team Launch to win the finale.

Team Launch were crowned as the winners of the ORDER Oceanic Open event, with EXO Clan ending up as the runners-up.

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