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OpTiC vs. DRX decides second Grand Finalist at Champions 2022

OpTiC vs. DRX decides second Grand Finalist at Champions 2022

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


A five-map Lower Final between OpTic Gaming and DRX has determined who will face LOUD in the Champions 2022 Grand Final. Things looked to go in OpTic’s favor early on, but DRX showed some resiliency to bring it back and force the series to go the distance. Both teams were primed to win. Only one had the stamina to hang on, however.

OpTic holds strong at Champions 2022, preventing reverse sweep by DRX

A look at the complete series stats for the Lower Final

In a Lower Final to remember, OpTic Gaming and DRX went to war. The series went all five maps as things shifted in the middle, looking like a DRX miracle comeback. OpTic stood their ground and thwarted a reverse sweep to keep their Champions 2022 hopes alive.

With a recent loss on Bind to LOUD, many wondered how OpTic would bounce back against DRX. They had no issue reclaiming the map as their own. Onto Breeze, the beachside location proved to be a comfortable place for OpTic, as well. They mowed through DRX and only allowed five rounds.

This is where DRX started to pick up the pace. They made the most of their offensive side of Fracture and put up a brick wall against the Green Wall on defense. Ascent, which many believed would be the nail in the coffin, went even more favorably for DRX. They kept OpTic to only six rounds and forced a map five.

The final map took place on Haven and was one of the best of the entire tournament. OpTic started strong, but DRX were able to string together some attacking rounds to avoid a massive deficit at the half. They then looked to turn on the burners for another epic comeback. It was almost a reality, but just wasn’t meant to be. The script called for yet another OpTic Gaming vs. LOUD contest in the Grand Final.

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(Featured image via Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

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