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One Way Smokes Valorant Map Guide: Bind

One Way Smokes Valorant Map Guide: Bind

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Valorant is not just any other first-person shooter. It contains specific Agents with abilities, new styles of play, and a budding competitive scene. Several Agents have abilities that can be put to use in outlandish ways. Examples of that are using Sage’s barrier wall to get unheard-of angles on your enemies or placing Cypher’s camera in locations where they will seldom be spotted.

Cypher’s Cyber Cage, Viper’s Poison Cloud, and Omen’s Dark Cover all have a similar capability, with different signature effects. These abilities, however, can be used in the trickiest of ways. For the purpose of this guide, it will be referred to as “One Way Smokes”.

For those unfamiliar, a One Way Smoke refers to placing a smoke, or cage, on a higher location than the ground. With space put between the smoke and the floor, the player is able to see the feet, and sometimes lower body, of any enemies walking behind it. That is where the “One Way” term comes from. This allows the player to line up a shot with the enemy having no idea they are in sight.

Here are some of the most prevalent positions for One Way Smokes on the Valorant map Bind using Cypher, Omen, and Viper.


A Lamps

Typically called out as U-Haul, A Lamps provides a valuable area to rotate through. Whether approaching from the spawn area or A Short, it allows a player to make a long rotation around the vehicle to get the appropriate angle. When defending the site or protecting a planted spike as an attacker, locking down the U-Haul is vital. For this One Way Smoke, place the cursor right on the corner of the first wooden plank on the ceiling. Launching the Cyber Cage will cause it to ricochet onto the lamp as shown in the image. Move into position and when the time comes, then trigger the cage. Anyone moving through A Lamps will have their lower body exposed for an easy pick.

B Window

B Window is commonly referred to as Hookah on Bind. Attackers typically split this route with B Long when it comes to rushing B Site. As Cypher, find the first window on the building to the left of B Window. It has a wooden bar protruding from the top. Line up the crosshair with the corner of the window and throw the Cyber Cage. The cage will connect with the top corner and fall onto the window’s ledge. Sit back towards the B Hall entrance so you are hidden from enemies approaching from B Long. When the opponents are leaping from the window, trigger the cage, and start laying waste to them. By the time they have recuperated, you should have already gotten a handful of decent shots into them due to the visibility offered by the One Way.


A Short

Omen’s smokes are very tricky. The slightest miscalculation and the smoke will float down to the ground, defeating the purpose of a One Way Smoke. It is imperative that the crosshair, distance bar, and down arrow are correctly placed. Starting with A Short, this smoke helps to stop enemies pushing from A Lobby rather than A Link. Line up right before the wall that blocks the A Lamps entrance. Set the crosshair just above the window, set the distance about halfway between the start and the D, and the arrow should raise up just above the boxes. Launch Dark Cover and the smoke will stop above ground. Have a teammate watching the side of A Link, aim down towards the side of A Lobby, and take out anyone pushing through before they even realize what is happening.

B Long

B Long is a popular area to move through when it comes to taking B Site. The B Garden area allows for a bit of separation between the long way and the plant site. Enemies can take it and use it to fall back or gather their composure for the big push. Thankfully, a One Way Smoke exists that will catch the attackers off guard. Line up with the corner of the wall to the left of B Window. Focus on the archway of B Garden and back up until you hit the other wall. The distance bar should stop right at the end of the D. Lower the crosshair, which will in turn raise the shadow up the wall. Once the green arrow is just past the top of the shadow, send the smoke. Once it drops, it will leave plenty of space to see approaching opponents who have no idea they are spotted.


A Short/A Lamps

Viper’s Poison Cloud has become much more useful as of late with the patch making changes to the decay effect and how her fuel is used. Approaching the shorter rooftop outside of A Lamps on A Short side, this one needs a leap. Jump and at the same time, right-click to lob the device rather than throw it. This will place it on the metal. It can be initiated when a Jett, Raze, or Omen try to jump up to get high ground or when someone on the other team has taken over U-Haul. Ignite the Poison Cloud and anyone trying to peek outside of U-Haul will be seen. In addition to that, it can cover Viper from someone that tries to push into U-Haul from A Short. This One Way Smoke may require some practice to perfect.

A Bath

Known as Showers, A Bath is a sneaky entrance onto A Site. Teammates can cause a ruckus at A Short, leaving A Bath undefended for a short time to help push the site. As Viper, prevent that from happening with this classic One Way Smoke. Step into the corner outside of A Bath and aim right between the 4th and 5th brick of the archway above the door. Throw the emitter and it will fall into place on the sign under the arch. Release the Poison Cloud and the ball of smoke will leave some space to see the feet of anyone rotating through Showers, especially trying to sneak into that right corner.

Note: A lot of these One Way Smokes work for a combination of the three agents, if not all three of them. Also, they can be set up before the round starts. In terms of Cypher and Viper, their devices can be placed before the lane barrier drops. Omen is able to set up the smoke, but cannot drop it until the round begins.

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