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One Way Smokes Map Guide: Ascent

One Way Smokes Map Guide: Ascent

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


The most recent map added to Valorant, Ascent, is a relatively large playing field. It leaves plenty of space for quality plays. From boosting on the attacker side shack, to rushing a plant site and getting the doors closed, Ascent allows a variety of ways on approaching a round. Therefore, we have compiled some One Way Smokes for the map Ascent.

Much like Split, Bind, and Haven, this map has a load of angles to block with smokes and cages. Cypher’s Cyber Cage, Viper’s Poison Cloud, and Omen’s Dark Cover can provide that much needed vision impairment to make a push or hold an angle. Placing them in that unexpected location to create a One Way Smoke will surely turn the tide.

Here are the most effective One Way Smokes on Ascent.


B Main

The most common method on attacking B Site is to push through B Main. Whichever side has the right abilities in place is sure to win the battle. That is where this One Way comes into play with Cypher. Line up to the end of the boat house just before the stairs going down to B Site. Face the giant tower in the background of the map and set the crosshair right above the third visible window. From there, throw the Cyber Cage device and it will land right on the arched door frame. When the push is in full force, trigger the cage. Anyone pushing through B Main or into the out of sight corner will be punished.

Mid Bottom

Mid Bottom connects to Mid Courtyard. The player can be picked off from Mid Top which is the back of the catwalk. Therefore, this one needs to be placed precisely and quite quickly. Approach the doorway leading towards B Site. From there, place the crosshair underneath the furthest clothes hanger. Send the device and it will land on the archway. Trigger the cage and wait for someone to try and push through Mid Courtyard. By the time they notice, they will already be dealt with.


A Link

This can be used in a defending as well as attacking scenario. A Link from Mid Catwalk leads into A Site. The door can be closed via the switch, but this allows a bit of trickery before using the door to your advantage. Standing in front of the boxes near the front of A Site, line up the arrow and the crosshair right below the top of the metal square above the door. Send the Dark Cover and it will hang above the doorway minimally. Get some free picks on anyone pushing from Mid before a teammate closes the door just as the smoke is about to disperse.

Mid Market

This one contains a very similar strategy as Omen’s A Link smoke. Whether defending a push from Mid Market at the get go or after planting the spike, this smoke will cover up the doorway. Stand slightly away from the platform in front of the door. Line up the crosshair and arrow at the bottom of the FRUTTA e VERDURA sign and send the smoke. Dark Cover will hit and hang above the door much like the previous smoke. Wrap around to the staircase and anyone trying to sneak up will be caught in the One Way. Finish them off and have the door closed just as before, right when the smoke is running out to keep the area covered.


For Ascent, the finale of the One Way Smokes guide series, Viper went a little crazy. These next two attacker side One Way smokes are fantastic setups. Pull them off and you’ll be the MVP.

B Site Spawn

First, line up with the very end up the shack in B Lobby. The placement of this one is crucial. There are barely visible arrows pointing up from the right click indicator of the ability. Put the top arrow right underneath the swirling metal piece on the DEL PESCE sign. Jump and throw at the same time. This will send the Poison Cloud emitter onto the wall next to the entrance to B Site from Defender Spawn. Next, ignite the smoke. Anyone peeking from that back corner will be forced to move and potentially be taken out.

Mid Bottom

This is the attacking equivalent to Cypher’s Mid Bottom cage. Between Mid Top and A Lobby, approach the very corner of the building that is connected to the wall separating the cafe area of A Lobby from Mid. The placement of this one depends on the left tip of the C ability. Line the very point of it up at the top of the crack on the wall. Just as before, jump and throw. This will send the device onto the archway that connects Mid Bottom and Mid Courtyard. Take aim underneath the cloud and pick anyone off that is trying to get a quick kill from the steps or Mid Market entrance.

Note: These One Way Smokes are typically accessible with more than one of the agents mentioned. Sometimes all three can pull them off. Also, they are capable of being placed before the round begins with Cypher and Viper. Their devices can be set up early. For Omen, however, he can only place the cursor to set the smoke in place. The round must begin for Omen to actually be able to apply Dark Cover.

There you have it. Each map has been covered and the One Way Smokes are sure to put you on the right path to Radiant.

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