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Omen Shrouded Step Map Guide: Bind

Omen Shrouded Step Map Guide: Bind

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Omen is Valorant’s “smart” agent. It takes a lot of learning to master the shadow hunter. His abilities are extremely useful in team based and solo engagements. One of his abilities present in his kit,, Shrouded Step, allows Omen to teleport a short distance. This can be an effective way to bypass an angle an opponent may be holding or to reach a higher ground.

Here are the most useful places to use Shrouded Step on the Valorant map Bind.

A Short to A Lamps

This is very helpful when storming A Site. Just ensure that the entrance to A Lamps is clear, otherwise you’re doomed as soon as the teleport finishes. The opponent may have eyes on A Short from the corner to the right, near the boxes on site, or from A Tower. Stay in cover behind the boxes on A Short and aim for the wall separating the site from A Lamps. Initiate Shrouded Step and zoom across with the opposing team having no clue you moved into that position.

A Site to A Bath Entrance

This is one to set up defensively, whether as a defender or protecting the spike from being defused. If the enemy team is making a push through A Bath in any way, give them something to think about. Fire some shots or peek and give your position away. With the enemy thinking you’re there, use Shrouded Step to teleport onto the boxes outside of A Bath. Get the high ground and a brand new angle on whoever might push through. Be careful for any audio cues, however. A listening ear may catch the noise and be able to call out the play.

B Long to B Garden

This allows an opening to be rendered useless for the opponents much like the very first one in this guide. Enemies will surely have eyes towards B Long and the teleporter area. If you are able to make it in front of the teleporter, there is no doubt they would have seen you or your teammates move up. Keep cover behind the wall and execute Shrouded Step towards the front corner of B Garden. This shifts the angle you have, allowing teammates to keep the eyes on them. You can rotate out and surprise the enemies.

B Window to Teleporter Exit

From the short hallway in B Window, players are more than likely able to hear enemies approaching from B Short. Again, be careful for any audio cues, as that may give the teleport away. Otherwise, set the marker right behind the boxes near the teleporter’s exit. The enemy team members will be aiming towards the B Window entrance, unaware that an Omen is waiting for them to stroll by for the easy picks.

Teleporter Fake Outs

This map is especially useful for those smart and tricky Omen plays. From various One Way Smoke areas, to cluttered corridors that make stealing sight a breeze to the Shrouded Step locations, Bind is where Omen shines. This section has a small treat included. Rather than images indicating how to use the ability, video examples have been included below.

The teleporters make a distinct noise when an agent passes through them. Phoenix players can use their ultimate ability and rush in, being able to revert safely back to the start when the ultimate is finished. Omen players can throw off an entire team’s game plan with this trick.

Get ready to launch Shrouded Step. Jump into the teleporter, but right before entering, quickly turn and place the teleport marker. Omen will pass through the teleporter, signaling to the enemy team that a rotation is happening. Little do they know, once Shrouded Step completes, Omen will be back on the outside of the teleporter entrance.

Imagine the opposing team sending four players to push one site while another sits back waiting to sneak into the other site after it becomes undefended. Land the teleporter trick and catch that sneaky enemy off guard when they think you’ve moved. The same goes for rotating to plant the spike. Jump through the teleporter and have the opponents thinking you have moved to another site to plant. As they all race towards that site, slink in to the empty site you were originally planning to take and get that spike down!

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