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NSG x Renegades Invitational Day 2 – Andbox stuns Immortals in the finale

NSG x Renegades Invitational Day 2 – Andbox stuns Immortals in the finale

Gabriel Ionica


Welcome back to Day 2 of the NSG x Renegades Invitational! The tournament ran through its Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and of course, the Grand Final. Let’s take a look at how eventful those were.


Quarterfinals (Best of 3)

Gen.G Esports 17:19 Moon Raccoons – Haven / 8:13Ascent

Andbox 18:16 Mamba Mode Gaming – Haven / 13:7Bind

FaZe Clan 10:13 Cloud9 – Ascent / 8:13Bind

T1 11:13 Immortals – Bind / 11:13Ascent

Gen.G’s powerful run through Group A was stopped short by Moon Raccoons. Andbox, on the other hand, brought their 2-0 rampage from Group B into the quarterfinals and eliminated Mamba Mode Gaming. Cloud9 and Immortals rose from their second placing in groups and showed that they were better than just second place.

Semifinals (Best of 3)

Moon Raccoons 13:9 Andbox – Haven / 11:13Split / 6:13Bind

Cloud9 10:13 Immortals – Ascent / 13:10Split / 13:15Haven

It’s a sad day when the team with the best name in the tournament is shot down to the 3rd place match by Andbox. Immortals also took down Cloud9 and sent them to battle Moon Raccoons in the 3rd place match. It was all down to Andbox vs Immortals for the Finals.

Finals (Best of 3)

Andbox 13:7 Immortals – Bind / 15:13Split

A phenomenal upset ensued in the final of NSG x Renegades event. Andbox looked strong in their first match, winning over Immortals on Bind with a 13-7 score. Immortals fought back a bit more on Split, bringing it into overtime. However, Andbox had none of it and won 15-13.

3rd Place Match (best of 3)

Moon Raccoons 11:13 Cloud9 – Haven / 8:13Ascent

Moon Raccoons looked like were all out of gas after the matchup against Andbox. The team failed to defeat Cloud9 in the 3rd place matchup and finish NSG x Renegades in fourth.

NSG x Renegades Invitational Day 2 – The Playoffs

That means that in the end, Andbox placed 1st and took home $6,000, Immortals placed 2nd and took home $3,000 and Cloud9 placed 3rd and took home $1,000.

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