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Valorant Awards: First Strike North America

Valorant Awards: First Strike North America

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


First Strike is over and the future of Valorant esports looks bright. Players from all over the world were given the chance to showcase their skills against the best of the best. In the North America region, 100 Thieves shot their way through the bracket to become the champions. It was an excellent display of competitive Valorant throughout the entire First Strike event. That is why Run It Back has decided to present players with the North America First Strike Awards. These awards acknowledge players who excelled in certain aspects of the game. Congratulations to all who participated in First Strike Regional Finals, to 100 Thieves for taking it home in the NA region, and to everyone who fought hard and earned a Run It Back First Strike Award in Valorant.

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North American First Strike Awards

The Sniper

The Sniper award goes to the player during NA First Strike who had the highest average amount of sniper kills per game. The minimum requirement is that this player participated in at least two rounds of the tournament. Is anyone surprised by the victor of this award? Matthew “Wardell” Yu and TSM made it to the finals of the tournament. During that run, Wardell averaged a huge 9.63 sniper rifle kills per game.

The Rifler

The Rifler is an award presented to the player with the highest average amount of kills per game with a weapon from the rifle category. This award also requires at least two rounds of the tournament to have been played. 15.38 per game is the highest, with Taylor “drone” Johnson taking it. That is just over 15 rifle kills in each map he played. What a showing drone presented throughout the Regional Finals.

The Party Starter

The Party Starter award has no minimum requirements for rounds played during NA First Strike. It simply represents the best of the best when it comes to getting the party started. The Party Starter goes to the player with the most first blood kills in a single game. That honor belongs to Peter “Asuna” Mazuryka with 8 first bloods on one map.

The Helping Hand

This award follows suit with the one above. There are no minimum requirements. The Helping Hand is awarded to the player who had the most assists in a single game. This NA First Strike award goes to Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar with 13 total assists in one game of Valorant.

The Gunslinger

A gunslinger is the age old term for those who simply show moxie in a gun fight. The Gunslinger award is an accomplishment for the player with the highest average sidearm kills. This one does come with the requirement of a two round minimum during NA First Strike. With an average of 5 sidearm kills per game played, Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan of Sentinels runs away with it.

The Fragger

The Fragger award is for the player who went all out. This player went into the game with one mission and one mission only. That is to simply put down the other team. This is another award that goes to drone. This time, it is for his 27 total kills in a single game. That number is the highest of any kill total by a player on any given map.

The Punisher

The Punisher award belongs to Quan “dicey” Tran for his stellar amount of Ultimate kills. This award covers the entirety of the North America First Strike event. Over the course of the tournament, dicey managed to gather 16 kills with his Ultimate abilities.


The player who landed the most headshots in one game takes The Headhunter award home. A quick note, however, that this is just headshots landed in a single map. It is not an award for the most headshot kills. Players can still dink the head without getting the kill and that precision is a stellar accomplishment. Taking his third and final award from the event, drone managed to land 24 headshots in a single game of Valorant during the First Strike Regional Finals in NA.

Big Spender

The last award for NA First Strike goes to the player who made it rain. This is another single map award for spending the most credits. Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik emptied his bank account on this one, spending a total of 84,800 creds during only one map of the event.

That does it for the Valorant North America First Strike Awards! Congratulations to all winners and again to all who made it to the First Strike tournament.

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