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NIP sign ec1s as akukhoS takes break from competitive play due to health issues

NIP sign ec1s as akukhoS takes break from competitive play due to health issues

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) have announced that Adam “ec1s” Eccles has joined their VALORANT roster. The former Team Liquid player has been left team-less ever since he was replaced on the roster by Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen. That is about to change as NIP’s in-game leader, Kevin “akukhoS” Droolans (Ex6TenZ) is due to step back from competitive play due to injury.

ec1s Finally Finds a New Home

After being dropped from Team Liquid, the 21-year-old remained a free agent on the VALORANT market. Today, that all changes.

“It’s a great feeling and an honor to be joining NIP: an organization that I’ve watched since I was a little kid many years ago. Seeing their legendary CS:GO rosters winning events, I always aspired to get there one day. Our roster is bursting with talent, experience, and has the right mixture to be the best. Our upcoming boot camp in Serbia is a great opportunity to meet everyone and kick start off our journey together! I’m pumped.”


NIP will use ec1s‘ expertise as an IGL to lead NIP to victory in Europe and potentially qualify for Masters Berlin. The Ninjas will continue their journey to Berlin by kicking things off at Challengers 2 Open Qualifier.

akukhoS Takes Much Needed Break

With the good news, comes some bad news. NIP’s former IGL has been side-lined due to rather serious health issues relating to his hand. The experienced player stated the following in his Twitlonger post:

I had pain/tensions that appeared in my hand at the end of VCT1 and then it really crippled me during the preparation for VCT2 and the tournament itself where I had to force the pain.

Then a week after the VCT2, I had a big crisis in the forearm and also in the trapezoids because it created a compensation chain. The reason for the initial problem came from an overload on the right hand and forearm (valorant with bad mouse grip, gym and too much football table :x).

My goal now is to take the time to recover and come back. Active physiotherapy mixed to rest time are waiting for me and small game time, going step by step.


The 31-year-old admits that he had already experienced pain towards the end of VCT Stage 1, which was at the beginning of this year. The pain continued, spreading further and as he explained creating a “compensation chain”. The esports veteran will now take a well-deserved break from competing.

We wish akukhoS a speedy recovery.

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