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NGL Open Cup – Opportunists Secure First Place

NGL Open Cup – Opportunists Secure First Place

Richard Brown


The NGL Open Cup concluded yesterday, as Opportunists were able to take down Gambit Esports 2:0 in the grand final of the event

The main event of the NGL Open Cup took place from October 24 – November 6 and featured a mixture of European and CIS teams. First place took home €2500 ($2,964 USD), with a total prize pool of €4,000 EUR ($4,742 USD) for the event.

The format of the event consisted of a group stage where the twenty teams were divided into four groups of four. These teams then played through a round-robin format, with all the matches being best-of-one (BO1). Two teams from each group progressed on to the playoff bracket. The playoff bracket was fairly simple; consisting of a single-elimination bracket, with all the matches after the first round being played in a best-of-three (BO3) format.

NGL Open Cup – Group Stage Results

Group A saw need more DM and unsigned top their group with a 3-0 and 2-1 record respectively. Need more DM is known to perform well and it is not surprising they managed to top their group.

Opportunists were able to top their group with a 3-1 record, after losing their match against Giants Gaming. Giants Gaming finished with the same 3-1 record, after losing their match against Entropiq Bravo.

Movistar Riders were certainly the favorites going into Group C and were expected to finish top of their group. They didn’t disappoint, winning their group without losing a map. UCAM Esports Club managed to scrape through with a 2-2 record, just coming out ahead of Inside Games with a favorable round-differential.

Gambit Esports looked extremely dominant throughout the group stages, winning every single match. Wizards Club joined them in the playoff bracket, finishing the group with a 3-1 record.

Playoff rESULTS

Opportunists managed to make it to the grand final without too much trouble, defeating need more DM and Movistar Riders on their way there. They were joined by Gambit Esports, who were able to take down UCAM Esports and Giants Gaming.

After losing the first map on Bind, Opportunists were able to bounce back and win the next two maps, securing themselves the tournament victory. Full map results can be found below:

  • Bind – Opportunists 6:13 Gambit
  • Haven – Opportunists 13:5 Gambit
  • Split – Opportunists 13:7 Gambit

Movistar Riders take third place after Giants Gaming forfeited the 3rd place decider match.

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