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Newest datamined code hints at a possible Battle Royale mode in Valorant

Newest datamined code hints at a possible Battle Royale mode in Valorant

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


We have heard rumours of a possible Battle Royale mode in Valorant some time ago already. Some data that was mined a while back also indicated the possibility of Valorant to come to mobiles. While there is no hard evidence of either of those coming anytime soon, this newest string of code that was unearthed by Mike – Valorant Leaks & Info on Twitter seems to be definitely worth the attention.

The code indicates a player entering a “downed” state upon receiving enough damage. Also being left with 100 health points upon entering the state. The player may be revived by a teammate from not further than 2 meters away. This will lead to the revived player to get back into combat with 50 health points. Also, the reviving time takes a measly two seconds. Interestingly enough, there’s also a “ScoringBonus” line that shows the player entering the downed state receiving “-4.0”. That being some sort of score which is being tallied throughout the round, matchup, or whatever that may be.

While nothing here directly points to a Battle Royale mode in Valorant, a “downed” state, as well as a “reviving” feature is something closely connected to the popular game mode.

Does Battle Royale Make Sense in Valorant?

With plenty of titles taking on the Battle Royale , either by simply being them or making it an alternate mode, it would not be a surprise to see Valorant jump on that train as well. If titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can do so, why can’t Valorant? The range of agents and abilities would be an interesting touch to the competitive video game. It would also provide an alternate, and more fun, less stressful game mode for players that are sick of playing Unrated and Rated modes.

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