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New VALORANT Agent 22 teased by Riot games

New VALORANT Agent 22 teased by Riot games

Charlie Pickles


State of the Agents

Character producer John Goscicki spoke today and announced that we will receive three new agents this year in 2023. An Initiator, a Sentinel and a third agent whose role is yet to be announced. Many fans are speculating that this could be an entire new category altogether and the new agent may not fit within the current roles.

John Goscicki – State of the Agents

John went on to discuss some details about the upcoming agent, Agent 22. It was only recently in Episode 5 that Harbor was released and while some pros and teams are putting the water-wielding agent to use, his pick-rate isn’t too high at the upper echelons of the professional scene.

With just a 13.24% pick-rate at VCT LOCK//IN at the time of writing, Harbor’s impact on the pro scene has been underwhelming compared to some other agents that have had an instant impact. Will Agent 22 perform along the same lines, or will he impact the meta like agents such as Chamber have done in the past?

What do we know about Agent 22?

As always, Riot Games have not divulged much in the sense of details surrounding the new agent, but popular leakers within the VALORANT scene have given us some details to work with.

The leaked agent Codename suggests that Agent 22 will perform tricks around smokes, counter smokes… or smoke something?

Very little is released about the new agent, but judging by the leaked image below, he may have a side-kick with him.

Leaked image of Agent 22

“Agent 22 will be joining the fight. Bringing their own eclectic way to deal with situations. New ways to check corners, get on to locations, plant the spike. The battlefield can be a super stressful place… Sometimes you just need some friends with you, chilling with you as you lock down a path to the next bomb-site. Not everyone needs to be so aggressive.”

It sounds like John is hinting that the new agent may slow things down a little bit, or not be so hasty to rush B.

What do you think of the upcoming agent teaser?

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