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Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship Group Stage Results

Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship Group Stage Results

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


The Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship is in full swing. The Group Stage has finished and the Playoff bracket is all set. This was a long start to the event, with the Group Stage taking place over three days. Each day saw several matches played until the top two teams from each group were decided.

If you missed any of the action or want to relive each day of the competition, watch the VODs on the Nerd Street Gamers Twitch channel and alternate channel, or read on below for the results of the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship Group Stage. They are separated by each group’s competition.

Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championships Group Stage

Group A

Image by Liquipedia VALORANT

Opening Matches: Dignitas 2:0 Sedated // Andbox 2:0 Built By Gamers

Dignitas vs. Sedated started off on Icebox. Everyone’s favorite frozen tundra map saw Dignitas pull ahead on their defensive side. They would make sure the Sedated defensive strategy was not enacted, finishing things up on attack. On the back of Rory “dephh” Jackson, and 24 kills as Cypher, Dignitas would take map one 13:8.

Map two was a bit closer as the series moved to Bind. It was dephh once again showing off with an incredible 28-kill map. This time around, Dignitas started as the attackers and pulled ahead. Sedated would try to bring it back with a rather solid attack half of their own. Unfortunately, Dignitas proved to be too much ended the series with a 13:11 win on Bind.

The second opening match of Group A, saw Andbox win on two different maps that the previous contest, but the score line was exactly the same. Ascent was won 13:8 as BBG only managed to gather one round as the defenders. Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker went absolutely off with 30 kills on Jett.

Split would end 13:11 with fairly similar halves for each team. Built By Gamers would be unable to match the amount of rounds on their attacking side, coming up with three to Andbox’s four. That proved to the difference as this time, Jake “POACH” Brumleve lead the charge with 24 Viper kills.

Elimination Match: Built By Gamers 2:0 Sedated

The two teams that fell short in the Opening Matches would face off here to see who would be sent home. Built By Gamers proved they still had some fight left in them here. The first map was played on Ascent. Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund and Tristan “Critical” Trinacty topped their team with 24 and 23 kills respectively. That helped BBG take map one 13:9.

Map two took things to Haven. The three site map was where BBG really found their comfort zone. No one really stood out on either team as Sedated were shut down and BBG worked extremely well as a unit. After dominating as the attackers and finishing up on defense, BBG would send Sedated packing 13:6.

Winners’ Match: Andbox 2:1 Dignitas

Both Andbox and Dignitas won their opening contest, pitting them against each other here. Everyone was expecting a decider map, but due to unfortunate circumstances, Andbox was handed the victory. The first map saw Andbox win Icebox 13:9. Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor and yay would take their Duelists to the top with 22 and 21 kills as Raze and Jett respectively.

Map two was Haven and Dignitas was ready to turn things around. Things ended fairly even during the first half as Dignitas attacked with Andbox on defense. The second half was a different story. Dignitas shut things down on defense and won the map 13:8. It was dephh again, top fragging as Cypher.

This is where it gets unfortunate. Map three was forfeited by Dignitas. This gave Andbox the 2:1 victory and Ascent was not played. Chad “Oderus” Miller had his internet go out and would not be able to play, thus forcing a forfeit from the team. That sent Andbox on to the playoff bracket.

Decider Match: Built By Gamers 2:0 Dignitas

Dignitas showed so much promise during this event, but the loss to Andbox seemed to drain their momentum. Built By Gamers wasted no time in putting this contest away. Seven straight rounds would go in their favor as the attacking squad followed by 6 straight on defense to win Ascent 13:5.

Bind saw Bryan “MAKKA” Drouillard go of for Dignitas with 22 kills and becoming the Match MVP. That was not enough for his team, however. The remaining members of Dignitas floundered as BBG eliminated them 13:6. BBG took the second Group A spot in the playoff round of the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship.

Group B

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Opening Matches: Sentinels 2:0 Spacestation Gaming // NRG 2:0 Moon Raccoons

It would be no surprise that Sentinels took a 2:0 victory in their first match against Spacestation Gaming. Icebox would end with the popular 13:8 round count. Also to no one’s surprise, Jay “sinatraa” Won fragged out as Raze with 22 kills, five of them being first bloods.

Map two nearly ended just as quick. A match MVP for newest SSG member, Magno “Pr0phie” Ramos, was not enough to propel them to victory. An overall solid showing by each member of Sentinels gave them the 13:9 victory on Haven.

Everyone’s favorite underdogs, Moon Raccoons, would fall short against NRG. Sam “s0m” Oh and his Phoenix play would be too aggressive for them to take down. NRG would roll through their defense side and hang on as attackers to win 13:9.

Bind was the map two field of battle and NRG was not playing around. In two seconds over the half hour mark, NRG shut down any chance of a Moon Raccoons comeback. MR would only take three rounds as the defenders. Zero rounds would go in their favor on attack, giving NRG the 13:3 rout.

Elimination Match: Spacestation Gaming 2:0 Moon Raccoons

The elimination match for Group B started off as intensely as it could have gone. Moon Raccoons pulled ahead as the attackers on Haven. As things switched, it would prove to be an attacking map. SSG would force an overtime period. They would then win the first two OT rounds, taking the map 14:12.

Ascent would not be as close of a fight. SSG took a solid lead at the half after attacking. The lead turned out to be comfortable enough as Moon Raccoons would not be able to produce a similar attacking side. SSG sent home the former team of Pr0phie at 13:7.

Winners’ Match: NRG 2:1 Sentinels

This match was incredible to watch. NRG and Sentinels went all out, with the former taking what some would call an upset victory. The first map was Haven. Back and forth they went until Sentinels were able to take a slight lead and keep it. 13:11 would be the final round count.

Map two was not back and forth whatsoever, but still ended up in overtime. Both teams would handle their defensive side on Icebox very well. Each side had the same amount of rounds, seven on attack and five on defense. Overtime was all NRG, though. Two rounds into it and NRG was leaving Icebox with a 14:12 win and a tied series.

Map three on Split was another incredibly close game between these two powerhouse teams. s0m made sure NRG would not go down without a fight here. In fact, they didn’t go down at all. The first half ended at an even 6:6. It would be NRG’s turn on defense that sealed the deal and gave them the series with a 13:11 victory.

Decider Match: Sentinels 2:0 Spacestation Gaming

This game was much closer than many expected or that Sentinels probably hoped for. It started on Ascent and the first half was very back and forth. The second half saw each team have a solid advantage for different portions throughout. This would lead to six overtime rounds. Sentinels was able to pull ahead in just under an hour behind 34 kills from Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan. 16:4 was the final round count.

The second map was played on Haven. Sentinels did not want any sort of repeat of Ascent at all. They only gave up two rounds as the attackers, behind another stellar performance from ShahZaM. Three more rounds would go to SSG in the second half, but that would be the end of it. Sentinels advanced to the playoff stage of the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship with a 13:7 win.

Group C

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Opening Matches: Team Envy 2:0 Team 2D // XSET 2:0 Luminosity Gaming

Team Envy would make pretty quick work of Team 2D. Envy is regarded as one of the best teams in NA, therefore this was a lot of people’s prediction heading into the match up. The first map, Haven, saw Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo take over as Jett. Topping the leadboard with 21 kills helped secure a 13:7 map win.

Map two would take about a minute longer to play out, but saw Team 2D gain one less round. 2D started off strong with five straight defensive rounds. Team Envy had enough of that, taking the remaining rounds of the first half. Only one round were be won on attack by Team 2D. Team Envy cleaned things up and ended it 13:6.

For the second opening match of Group C, Split saw another Viper take over the game. Matthew “Wedid” Suchan wrecked LG with 23 kills. Things were tied after the first half, but the second half gave XSET the boost it needed. They would put Luminosity Gaming down 13:8.

Haven saw XSET give no room for LG to even try and win. The only LG rounds won were on their defensive side. That would be two rounds and only two rounds. In a map that took less than 25 minutes, XSET would move on to the Winners’ Match 13:2.

Elimination Match: Luminosity Gaming 2:1 Team 2D

This elimination match saw three tight maps play out. Bind saw the top player on each team gain 25 kills. Team 2D would start off slow in each half, but eventually pick up the pace. Six straight rounds on defense took them to the finish line and a 13:11 decision.

Ascent was a defensive clinic by both 2D and LG. The first half would with a massive 9:3 lead for 2D. Luminosity was not discouraged, however, using their defensive side to catch up. 2D would only pull off one round during the second half and LG would take Ascent 13:10.

Map three, Split, would see another very close round count. Brady “thief” Dever went nuts with 29 kills for LG. The first half ended 6:6, each round finished by eliminations. The second portion of the map was nearly as close, finally seeing some Spike action as round deciders. LG was able to pull ahead as the attackers, moving to the Decider Match 13:11.

Winners’ Match: Team Envy 2:1 XSET

Starting off with Haven, XSET absolutely steamrolled Team Envy. One defending and two attacking rounds is all that Team Envy could muster. XSET dominated and took haven 13:3. No one saw that coming.

That would be the last thing worth celebrating for XSET in this match. Things moved to Bind and Team Envy was ready to show XSET who they were truly playing. Jake “kaboose” McDonald and mummAy fragged out for NV. Attacking was their forte this map with eight quick rounds. Wrapping things up on defense, Team Envy took the map 13:8.

The third and final map for the series was played on Split. mummAy would have his name called again, decimating XSET and leading NV to victory. XSET would string together a handful of rounds in the second half, but Team Envy was too far ahead. Needing just one more to finish things, they did just that. NV qualified for the playoff bracket 13:9.

Decider Match: Luminosity Gaming 2:1 XSET

In what some may consider an upset, LG defeated XSET to advance to the playoff bracket. XSET was coming off a huge tournament win and are sure to be upset after this one. They controlled Split and only allowed a handful of rounds to LG. It was won 13:4, due to, of course, Wedid on Viper.

Luminosity Gaming wanted to bounce back on map two, no doubt. Icebox seemed to be the place to gather some momentum. An overall solid team effort pushed them to win 13:7.

Lastly, Bind came down to the wire. There were many rounds that XSET could have easily turned in their favor. LG hung on at those moments, however, and came out on top. 13:10 sends LG to the playoff of the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship.

Group D

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Opening Matches: Cloud9 Blue 2:1 eUnited // Equinox Esports 2:0 Ghost Gaming

Cloud9 Blue versus eUnited was the only opening series to go to a third map. The first one, Ascent, had a close round count, but it was really all eUnited throughout. C9B would have several spurts to keep things as even as possible, but eU ended it 13:11 with Tanner “scourge” Kages doing exactly what a Reyna player should do.

Cloud9 Blue would bounce back on Bind. Mitch “mitch” Semago went in as Jett and came out with a solid 24 kills. Things went heavily in C9B’s favor as things winded down. As much as eU would fight back, C9B was ready to end it. They did 13:8.

Being able to take the second map seemed to be the fire that C9B needed lit underneath them. Split was just over 25 minutes long and saw mitch dominate as Jett once again. Speaking of dominating, that is what C9B did to eU. The series would end on a flat note for eU with a TenZ-less C9B winning 13:1.

For Equinox Esports and Ghost Gaming, things went pretty fast. Ascent was the quickest match of the series, going 13:3 in NOX’s favor. Ian “tex” Botsch was the star with his Reyna kills.

Map two saw tex take charge again with 26 kills. Ghost Gaming put up more of a fight this time, but NOX still took care of business. The attacking side of Bind was where each team shined, but NOX was able to defeat Ghost 13:9.

Elimination Match: Ghost Gaming 2:1 eUnited

The Group D elimination match saw each map won handily by the eventual victor, heading to three. Ascent was a Ghost Gaming beatdown led by Marki “NiSMO” Tayar and his 21 Raze kills. They took the map 13:5.

Joseph “Turnup” Sicre and scourge would step up for eUnited, helping them to a solid first half. Ghost Gaming would end it with some momentum, but eU had other plans. On attack, eUnited made sure to take the map-point on Bind 13:9.

The third map took the teams to Haven. NiSMO was the star once more with 24 kills. It was quick work for Ghost Gaming, taking six attack rounds and seven straight defense rounds. The map would end 13:6 and end the tournament hopes of the new eUnited roster.

Winners’ Match: Equinox Esports 2:1 Cloud9 Blue

In map one of the Winners’ Match, tex continued to show off. 29 kills would help Equinox Esports squeeze out the victory on Bind. Things were fairly even throughout until the final four rounds gave NOX the 13:11 victory.

Cloud9 Blue was not impressed, going into Split with a huge chip on their shoulder. Skyler “Relyks” Weaver decided to frag out as Raze this time around with 27 kills. That dominated NOX as C9B finished it off extremely quick. Split ended 13:4.

On Ascent, neither team wanted to give up. Neither team was willing to lose. Equinox Esports managed to pull it off, however. The two bottom players on both teams were the only ones without 20 kills in this one. It went to six overtimes, seesawing rounds until NOX pulled ahead. They won at an hour of four minutes of game time 19:17.

Decider Match: Cloud9 Blue 2:0 Ghost Gaming

The newly signed Ghost Gaming roster has nothing to be ashamed of. They performed extremely well, but fell just short of advancing to a hungry Cloud9 Blue team. Bind saw the entirety of C9B hold their own, handling defense and attack well enough to win 13:10.

Split saw Nathan “leaf” Orf take the spotlight and finally show what he is capable of. His Omen play with 27 kills shot C9B to the playoff rounds, finshing off Ghost Gaming 13:8.

Image by Liquipedia VALORANT

The playoff bracket for the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship is now set. There are some exciting match ups, including Team Envy taking on Sentinels. The other three contests are sure to be just as exciting, as Andbox faces Cloud9 Blue, NRG goes up against Luminosity Gaming, and Equinox Esports battles Built by Gamers.

Stay tuned to Run It Back for the results of the playoff bracket and the best in Valorant news, guides, and other event coverage!