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Nerd Street Gamers to Host 2021 Valorant Champions Tour

Nerd Street Gamers to Host 2021 Valorant Champions Tour

Phillip Miner


The Nerd Street Gamers, hosts of other major Valorant events such as First Strike, have once again been chosen to helm another major Valorant esports event! This time they’re hosting the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour. This prestigious event will begin in the North America region on January 27.

A Valorant Tour de Force

The 2021 Valorant Champions Tour will follow a format consisting of three stages. The three stages are Challengers, Masters, and Champions. A press release from the Nerd Street Gamers detailed Stage 1, the Challengers Stage:

Beginning January 27 and running through March 21, Stage 1 will provide a mix of open and closed qualifiers to ensure opportunities for both amateur and established orgs to qualify into the Masters. The first stage will consist of three Challenger Weekends, which function as closed qualifiers to determine who moves on to the concluding Masters event. A weekly open qualifier will determine which teams compete in the Challenger Weekend.

-Nerd Street Gamers’ press release

Because COVID-19 is still a thing, all events for Stage 1 will be hosted online so as to ensure player health and safety. However, you can still catch all of the action on the official Nerd Street Gamers’ Twitch channel.

The Nerd Street Gamers have provided an official timeline for the whole 2021 Valorant Champions Tour in a handy graphical format. You can take a look for yourself below:

Image Credit: Nerd Street Gamers

Anyone interested in learning more about the tour can visit the official Nerd Street Gamers’ page. You can also visit the official Riot Games’ page on it here. Either way, this year-long tour promises plenty of action! Of course we here at Run it Back will be covering it every step of the way. Stay tuned to our website for official updates on the tour.