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Movistar Riders kick rapaztriste from their Valorant team for cheating

Movistar Riders kick rapaztriste from their Valorant team for cheating

Gabriel Ionica


The Spanish organization Movistar Riders announced today that Rui “rapaztriste” Fonseca Silva has been kicked from the team after he was found cheating.

How it Happened

Everything unfolded at the LVP: Rising Series #1 Qualifier on January 16. At the end of the last match of the qualifier, the players contacted Raquel Esperanza, the team’s manager, with suspicions that rapaztriste was cheating. After consulting with both LVP and Riot, they discovered that the allegations are indeed true.

Movistar Riders promptly released rapaztriste and issued an apology to LVP and their fans, saying that they “strive to grow the esports scene on the pillars of competitiveness, tolerance, and integrity and will not tolerate any behavior that goes against them within our club.” Despite being disqualified from the qualifier, the team is welcome to attend LVP’s next tournament with open arms.

The real kicker is that this is Movistar Riders’ new roster, who all joined the team recently, on January 16. The team released their last squad at the end of December last year. That means rapaztriste cheated on his first match with the team on the same day he was signed.

The specific cheating software he used was not disclosed. Rapaztriste was also new to the Valorant scene but now, it’s unlikely that he will have a future with any professional Valorant team.

The remaining players on the Movistar Riders roster are Carlos Enrique “scarx” Sánchez, Maks “kamyk” Rychlewski, Mihály “Tishler” Kállai, and Michael “mikigoalie” Buzek.

Huge props to the other players on the team for reporting their teammate and to Riot for their quick investigation. Hopefully, the remaining players on the team manage to find a replacement before their next tournament.

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