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Most Popular Valorant Agents on Each Map at the Pro Level

Most Popular Valorant Agents on Each Map at the Pro Level

Aashir Ahmed


Valorant’s Pro Scene has grown and diversified greatly throughout the year. More and more esport organizations are signing up Valorant rosters to compete in professional tournaments at different tiers. With so many pro players on the scene, another fluctuating variable is the agent selection meta. Due to the constant updates to Valorant, agreeing on a single “best” Agent is rather impossible. However, we can see which Agents are the most picked at the pro level. This gives us an idea of which agent may be a good idea to pick up on each Valorant map given the composition. The following specifies Valorant Agents and their pick rate at the pro level of play.

Pick Rate on each Valorant Map


Jett Pick Rate on Icebox

The verticality of this map has largely contributed to icebox being one of the game’s most challenging maps. The different varieties of ledges and crates allow different off-angles to be created and can result in a player being subjected to greater risks as they are vulnerable from many positions. Variations in height on the map favor some agents that can make use of those heights.

All of the reasons why Jett is the most picked agent on Icebox with a pick rate of 89.1% are rather simple. Her smoke abilities allow her to function as a temporary Controller. Her Tailwind and Updraft abilities are perfect for quickly moving around the map and making use of those verticalities that Icebox has to offer.

Next in line is Omen with a pick rate of 85.19%. His presence in a team is significant regardless of the map as he is up there in the meta. Then comes Killjoy at 59.26%, Sova at 55.56%, and Reyna at 48.15%.

Following them is Raze at a pick rate of 37.04%, Sage 36.11%, Cypher 27.78%, and Viper 23.15%. As we move further down the hierarchy the importance of these Agents in the team decreases and these picks are made by only those professionals who know how to capitalize on their abilities to such an extent that picking the Agent is vital to their team’s success. Lastly, the 4 Agents Breach 17.59%, Skye 13.89%, Phoenix 3.70%, and Brimstone 2.78% lie in the bottom of the table boasting numbers, no one should be proud of.


Sova Pick Rate on Bind

On Bind, agents with abilities that provide intelligence on enemy positioning reign supreme. Sova or Cypher are so useful that their pick rate on Bind is the highest from our database. Need for recon characters on Bind explains their high pick rate with Sova ranking at 90.07%, and Cypher at 73.85%.

Due to his lurking potential and his ability to smoke a variety of key spots on the map from afar, Omen has a pick rate of 82.59%. Mid-table Agents on Bind include Raze 67.41%, Jett 61.85%, and Breach 42.74%. The lower-end features Phoenix 19.19%, Killjoy 18.30%, Brimstone 16.96%, Reyna 16.89%, Sage 6.00%, Viper 2.44%, and Skye at 2.37%. We’ve seen some Viper gain some popularity at the recent First Strike event on this map. However, she is still yet to properly be considered “meta”.


Omen Pick Rate on Split

Omen has one of the most versatile ability kits as he can smoke off places for his team and blind enemies with Paranoia. He can also teleport to confuse enemies or escape from a delicate situation and can collect valuable intel for a team with his ultimate skill. No Agent can give Omen’s pick rate on Split a run for their money as he ranks at 98.52%.

Following him are Raze 86.97%, Breach 80.08%, Jett 73.52%, and Cypher at 67.52%. Raze and Breach have abilities that are excellent in displacing enemies in close-quarter combat. Jett can use her updraft to gain high ground rapidly, and Cypher can monitor enemy movements. These are the agents that pros opt for on Split most of the time.

Below the 50% pickrate mark are Killjoy 29.86%, Sage 22.35%, Reyna 18.86%. These agents are usable in selective compositions, complementing some strategies. Going further down, Phoenix has a pick rate of 8.37%, Viper 8.16%, Sova 4.34%, Brimstone 1.38% and Skye at 1.17%. There was a steep drop off in Sova’s pick rate on Split. Meanwhile, Brimstone barely meets the mark at a 2% pick rate.


Omen Pick Rate on Ascent

Omen is one agent who, when the adversary continues to gather momentum, will overturn the scales. Whether it is lurking from the shadows or teleporting behind the opponent, Omen’s dominance on Ascent is unmatched. All of which ranks his pick rate at a whopping 99.56%.

Next up is Sova 92.50%, Jett 84.24%, Cypher 53.03%, Breach 44.70%, and Killjoy 40.48%. Sova and Jett’s usage is higher than the rest especially because of Jett’s Cloudburst ability, and Sova’s Recon Bolt. Doorways, hallways, and rather open bombsites make a good playground for those particular abilities to shine on Ascent.

Finishing off the list are Reyna 30.45%, Raze 26.86%, Phoenix 13.62%, Sage 12.17%, Skye 1.58%, and Viper and Brimstone who didn’t even see 1% in pickrate on this map.


Omen Pick Rate on Haven

On this map, Omen and Sova can team up unlike on any other map. Omen’s Dark Cover combined with Sova’s Recon Bolt can make for an effective combination in many different spots on Haven. Because of this, their pick rates sum up to be 98.64% and 90.18% respectively.

Meanwhile, Jett’s nimbleness and Cypher being able to solo hold one of the three sites ranks them at 79.91% and 73.56% respectively.

Then comes Breach 44.56%, Reyna 30.89%, Raze 30.66%, Phoenix 21.98%, and Killjoy at 21.90%. Lastly, we arrive at the regular bottom runners with Sage 4.83%, Brimstone 1.51%, Skye 0.83%, and Viper at 0.83%.

Final Words

A few Valorant Agents were the staple of almost every team composition, while others were interchangeable depending on the map in terms of pick rate. Almost every team included an Omen, Sova, Jett, and Cypher in their compositions as they were the most selected Agents. Examining the Agent pick rates shows which Agents are in a stable or effective state and which heroes need adjustments to see more play at a professional level.

As the game is updated, the meta constantly changes in all professional esport leagues. New maps and agents will be frequently released by Valorant, and skilled players will change their tactics accordingly. The Valorant esports scene is in its infancy, and this is just a glimpse of the future of the meta. The Valorant Champions Tour will provide consistent competition throughout 2021. Perhaps we’ll see some meta changes throughout the huge tournament come 2021.

Disclaimer: All of the aforementioned statistics are derived from our own database. These statistics were gathered from various tournaments, such as the recently concluded First Strike, T1 X Nerd Street Gamers Showdown, WePlay! Invitational, Faze Clan Invitational, BLAST Twitch Invitational, Rage Japan Tournament, and several others.

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