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Marved on loan to Team Envy

Marved on loan to Team Envy

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


Team Envy made a huge announcement that some VALORANT fans saw coming. Prior to Stage 3 of the VALORANT Champions Tour, a new face has joined the roster. On loan from FaZe Clan is none other than Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen. Per Team Envy, he will be joining the squad as Jake “kaboose” McDonald is moved into a reserve role on the bench.

Marved on loan to Team Envy

Team Envy is known as one of the most consistent organizations in North American VALORANT. The have consistently placed near the top of every event they have taken place in for quite some time. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the result that the team is looking for. After winning the Stage 1 Challengers 2 Main Event, the top spot has eluded them. Both Stage 1 Masters and Stage 2 Challengers Finals saw them exit with 4th place finishes. This caused Team Envy to join the trend of roster shakeups prior to VCT Stage 3.

Enter Marved. He is a retired CS:GO pro who played a huge part in the success of FaZe Clan. The details of the loan are unknown, but it is fair to say FaZe Clan is looking to move on with the signing of Hunter “BabyJ” Schline, which Run It Back will have more on later. FaZe Clan looked to be the hottest team on the planet aside from Sentinels as Stage 1 ended. Stage 2, however, cooled them down. They failed to make it to either Main Events, dropping to Version1 in Stage 2 Challengers 1 and making it just a bit further before a defeat at the hands of T1 in Stage 2 Challengers 2.

Marved is clearly ready to join the Team Envy roster and put in the work. Stage 3 of the VALORANT Champions Tour is approaching and though Run It Back already discussed its teams to watch, Team Envy may have just put themselves back on everyone’s radar rather than their normal coasting through.

Stay tuned to Run It Back for more news as the VCT continues!

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