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MAGE VALORANT results and recap

MAGE VALORANT results and recap

Brandon "Mothman" Moore


The Mid-America Gamers Expo, otherwise known as MAGE, brought a diverse group of VALORANT players to Council Bluffs, Iowa. Free agent rosters, high school teams, squads from well-known colleges, and players of all ages converged on the event with one goal in mind. To fight through the bracket and win the MAGE VALORANT trophy.

Run It Back is always here to support VALORANT at all levels, from the smallest tournaments to the massive VALORANT Champions Tour broadcasts. With a correspondent on the scene in Council Bluffs, we have the results and recap of the competition to alongside several player/coach interviews that you can find on our YouTube channel.

MAGE VALORANT results and recap

This is the first year of what the organizers hope to be an annual MAGE. The spectator experience was a bit lacking until the second day, when tournament play moved to an arena setting with a stage, casters, and a big screen showing the action. The matches were a best-of-one through the first day with spectators able to watch from behind the ropes that blocked off the LAN area.

Day 1

The first day of MAGE was fun and competitive. It took a minute, but teams eventually let their voices be heard with excitement over big plays and trash talk. The majority of games to start the tournament were extremely one-sided. It wasn’t until the last few series of Day 1 were we able to see some tight knit contests that had teams holding their breath.

Here are the Day 1 results:

Winners Round 1

  • University of Nebraska (Lincoln) moves on with a bye
  • Crusaders defeats Team of Funny Epicness
  • South Sentinels City defeats TJ Jackets
  • Midland Warriors defeats Gretna Dragons
  • Wayne State College defeats TJ Esports
  • eL YeeT defeats SSC High School
  • University of Nebraska (Omaha) defeats Wooden Chair
  • Morningside Esports defeat 5 Guys

Winners Quarterfinal

  • University of Nebraska (Lincoln) defeats Crusaders
  • Midland Warriors defeats South Sentinels City
  • eL YeeT defeats Wayne State College
  • Morningside Esports defeats University of Nebraska (Omaha)

Winners Semifinals

  • University of Nebraska (Lincoln) defeats Midland Warriors
  • eL YeeT defeats Morningside Esports

Losers Round 1

  • Team of Funny Epicness moves on with a bye
  • Gretna Dragons defeats TJ Jackets
  • SSC High School defeats TJ Esports
  • 5 Guys defeats Wooden Chair

Losers Round 2

  • University of Nebraska (Omaha) defeats Team of Funny Epicness
  • Wayne State College defeats Gretna Dragons
  • South Sentinels City defeats SSC High School
  • Crusaders defeats 5 Guys

Losers Round 3

  • Wayne State College defeats University of Nebraska (Omaha)
  • Crusaders defeats South Sentinels City

Losers Quarterfinal

  • Midland Warriors defeats Wayne State College
  • Crusaders defeats Morningside Esports

Day 2

Day 2 of MAGE and its VALORANT tournament was filled with much more pomp and circumstance. The teams took to the stage. A massive screen behind them showcased the action and a team of casters off to the side echoed through the arena area of the Mid-America Center. The format was unchanged, possibly due to time constraints. Every series was a best-of-one, including the Grand Final, but there would be a bracket reset taking place if the Losers Bracket team took the first map off of the Winners Bracket team.

Losers Semifinal

  • Crusaders defeats Midland Warriors

The Losers Semifinal was played on Split. It started with Crusaders dominating their opening attack rounds, but a strong showing from Midland Warriors followed once they got guns in their hands. Some great plays came out from both teams as the half approached with the Warriors ahead 7:5. The game was immediately tied by Crusaders. Their Reyna player, WeZ12, was causing all sorts of trouble for the Midland Warriors. He ended the game 27/16/6 and Crusaders nearly shut out the second half on their way to a 13:8 victory.

Winners Final

  • University of Nebraska (Lincoln) defeats eL YeeT

Icebox is where the Winners Final would be decided. The University of Nebraska (Lincoln) started off hot. The Jett player, christian, was unforgiving with the Operator and Sova, J13, snagged a few Shock Dart kills to keep UNL on a roll. Not much was coming from the side of eL YeeT as UNL reached the half with a massive lead on their hands. With the sides switching, eL YeeT kicked it into gear to take five straight. An eventual sixth round would be all they’d find as their MAGE run would end. UNL picked up the final rounds needed to move on 13:6.

Losers Final

  • eL YeeT defeats Crusaders

Crusaders and eL YeeT met in the Losers Final, with the Grand Final awaiting the winner. While eL YeeT looked to pull ahead early on Ascent, Crusaders refused to go down that easily. One of their fraggers, K3ANU, started taking out opponents left and right to keep thing close at halftime. With a 6:6 tie, Crusaders were ready to have a dominant second half once more. That appeared to be the case until eL YeeT strung together multiple rounds. The Jett player, Triggy, stepped up in a big way to keep his time alive for the time being. In one of the closest and most entertaining matches of MAGE, el YeeT pushed back to win 13:11.

Grand Final

  • University of Nebraska (Lincoln) defeats eL YeeT

In a rematch of the Winners Finals contest, the Grand Final saw UNL and EY take the stage. Breeze was the battleground and UNL looked to mirror the earlier meeting. The opening rounds did not reflect their match on Icebox. It went back and forth with both teams having their moments to shine. Psycho on Reyna was a huge factor in eL YeeT keeping things close. UNL decided that they’d had enough at that point. They gathered some momentum that carried them through the rest of the first half and then to the finish line. The University of Nebraska Lincoln took Breeze 13:5 and were the team to hoist the MAGE trophy.

It was a fun weekend of VALORANT at MAGE. You can see the full bracket here and relive the streamed matches here. Stay tuned to Run It Back for more VALORANT goodness!