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LVP- FPS All-Star: Mixwell and Giants quatro steal the win

LVP- FPS All-Star: Mixwell and Giants quatro steal the win

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski


The LVP – FPS All-Star Spanish event has concluded. The C-Tier event saw “Fire in the hole” dominate throughout without losing a single round. And to no surprise, as the temporary team was comprised of no other than Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho alongside four players from the Giants roster.

The Experienced Reign Supreme

Fire in the hole saw a dominant run at the Spanish event. Arguably the favorites of the event, Fire in the hole went on to defeat Last men standing, Pochinki Predators, and Wombocombo Team in the final. The moulded superteam walked away with the victory alongside a respectable ~$4150 USD prize. In fact, all matches played out at LVP-FPS All-Star event were straight 2:0 sweeps.

Photo Credit: Liquipedia Valorant

Like the majority of rounds played out by Fire in the hole, the final was no different. Though Wombocombo Team had a sturdy run to the final, the Giants core paired with Mixwell were simply too much too handle. Fire in the hole first took Haven 13:5, before quickly closing things out on Ascent with a dominant 13:4 win. The best-of-three series finale could have ended much faster.

The win shows the gap between the elite Valorant players and the lesser-known teams and players. Expertise has truly shown its colors at LVP- FPS All-Stars.

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